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Please see the attachment for the complete requirements, including screen layouts.


Please note: bids placed using the same text that is used for your other bids will be immediately rejected. Please read the detailed requirements and respond accordingly. Also, provide a basic timeline, including major milestones, and your time to complete them, based on the project acceptance and escrow date. Example: Milestone 1 (+10 days): Complete database design.


Using ASPDotNetStorefront as the shopping management system, create a website where a user can design their own vinyl banners and other large-format graphics.


This site should use AJAX technologies in all cases to eliminate postbacks within a page. Please use the Microsoft Atlas technologies with C#, in the .net framework version 2. The site should be developed inside of Visual Studio 2005, and the site should be file based to ensure easy transportation. All code should be valid XHTML, and all user interface elements should be modifiable using CSS.

Likewise, the database should be written in SQL Server 2005, and be compatible with the Express edition. Stored procedures shall be used at all times.

The basic technology behind the site will be provided by ASPDotNetStorefront, Pro version. You can download a trial version to be used for development of the site. The items should be added to the storefront database, except for the custom items - you will need to find a solution for that (maybe add to the database right before adding to cart). For the standard items, you can add them to the cart with a reference to the design ID in the database. The cart should display a thumbnail of the final item. The user should be able to edit the item once it is in the cart, but should be presented a warning when saving the item (the scenario is that a user could click “edit” from the cart, change the banner, and try to add the new banner to the cart, thinking the old banner would stay unchanged, which would not be the case). To solve this, also have an option in the cart to use a design as a template.

Please make all changes to ASPDotNetStorefront in external class files, when possible, so that future versions of that software can be updated without requiring changes to their source code.

All designs used by a customer should be visible from their account page.

Please use Telerik ([url removed, login to view]) server controls where necessary, especially in the file upload section. I own a license for these controls - you may use the demo key during development.

The drawing surface needs to be drag and drop. Whether that is provided by Flash or some fancy DHTML is your decision. The goal is to mimic the select/drag functionality found at

At the right is a sitemap. It should provide a conceptual overview of the site.

One thing to note are the entry pages. Because most traffic will come from Google AdWords, we will be presenting multiple entry pages to the user to judge effectiveness. The typical entry page will work like this:

User searches Google for “Vinyl Banner”, and clicks on our link. They are taken to a

Vinyl banner entry page, and time-limited coupon is entered into our database and presented to them. A cookie is written to prevent them from getting another coupon immediately. A countdown will begin (“this coupon will expire in 90 minutes”) and be shown counting down. When the user clicks continue, the click is logged, and they are taken directly to a subcategory page to choose a size.

Create one entry page as a template with the functionality described above.

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