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Auto-Commenting Program for Social Networking Site.

I am looking for a program to be written for Windows XP that will do the following:

1. I will create a text file with a list of usernames and passwords separated by colons. (IE: username:password)

2. Your program will read the accounts from this file one-by-one and automatically login to the social networking site with this username and password.

3. If the account is invalid (can't login with it), the program will need to add that account (username:password) to an "InvalidAccounts.txt" file.

4. If the account is good (you were able to log in with it), the program will need to add that account (username:password) to a "ValidAccounts.txt" file.

5. Once logged in, the program will then gather all the "Friends" on that particular account. I need an option to gather them in reverse or forwards. (Meaning, start at page 1 and go forwards page by page, or start at the last page of friends and go backwards.)

6. Once all friends are gathered, it will need to start posting random comments on each friend that it gathered.(I will have a folder called comments that will have a random number of comments each in a separate file. For example, [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and so on.) They should all be used equally, though. Another option is to just have them post starting from 1 and going through the end, then starting over at the beginning. So if I had 20 comments, it would post comment 1, then comment 2, then comment 3 until it reached comment 20, then starts over at comment 1.

7. Once a comment is successfully posted, it should log the friend that the comment was posted on to a file. ([url removed, login to view]). I should then have an option to turn off or on duplicate postings. For example, if I say "No Duplicates", then the program should only send 1 comment to each unique friend ID. So for example, if I have 2 accounts, and the same friend is on both accounts, only 1 message would be posted. The 2nd one would be skipped. (ONLY log to [url removed, login to view] if it is successfully posted.)

8. I need an option to turn on or off that will allow me to either skip captcha's that come up, or enter them if I have the option turned on. So I can either run it hands-free to the end (skipping captchas), or stopping to let me enter them depending on how the option is set.

9. It should post a comment to a friend regardless if it is a "TEXT only" friend or if they accept "HTML." All comments I post will be text, so it should post to both types of accounts.

10. If the account is "Phished" (it will say the account is Phished when you log in), it should log the account to a file called "Phished.txt".

11. If the program receives 5 or more sequential "Unexpected Error" messages when trying to post a comment, the program should PAUSE and wait for me to hit CONTINUE.

12. I need guaranteed updates for 30 days. If the program quits working within 30 days, I would want it fixed/updated free of charge. If the program quits working after 30 days, I will pay a $50 "Upgrade Fee" to have it fixed with another 30 day guarantee.

Please do not bid on this project unless you are willing to commit to these terms. I've already had this program written twice already by other programmers. They worked for a little while, then the website made some changes which broke them both. Now the programmers won't even reply to my requests for updates. (Thanks for nothing, Esolutions and Zeng Boling!!) Yes, I even offered to pay an upgrade fee. Neither one will return any e-mails.

Thanks and good luck! If you have any questions, just open a PMB.

Evner: .NET, Databehandling, Internet Markedsføring

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