combinator generator with filter

software detail

11 1x 12 x1 xx x2 21 2x 22

A bet1 bet2

b v s b v s





the software must do 1 very easy thing just create all the combinations between what the user choose

in theory are 5 "for" cicle nested for the total amount of combinations.

mainly it a job with cycle and array usage

if i select a-11 where "a" represent soccer match and 1-1 represent the type of event

i should be able assign the a value example 1,35

i should be able to select if this event its kind of B or V or S

the same for all the other spot from a-11 to i-22 if selected

once i finish i should filter the combinations to generate for how many B or V or S i want, based on the choose i did

with a slide bar i should filter the combination based on total possible win

for example

because every match event have a bet (1,35) i know for every combination what value has, so

with slide bar decide to play just the combinations with higher value to reduce the total amount of combinations to play

the software will automatically exclude all the combinations which value will be higher than 5000


i should be able to automatically exclude all the combinations which values is less than the money i need to bet on all


if all the combinations will cost 10 euro

the software will exclude the combination that will return me less than 10 euro

all the filters can be used together or alone

i want this project developt fast, with skill programming this job can be done really in short time

im very expert in software programming and statistics so i want to talk only with skilled people

the software can be done preferibly in C++ for speed. the max number of combination that can be generated is 1953125 (5^9)

gui must be well organized and nice looking

there is a mistake about total number of combinations clearly are 9^5 so 59049

Færdigheder: .NET, C++ Programmering, Software Arkitektur

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