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C# - Collection Validator Library

The aim of this project is to build a simple open source library to validate collections of objects. It can incorporate open source solutions such FluentValidation and the likes, and must be fully unit tested and follow stylecop standards.

I intend to make this project open source once it is complete. The best way to describe this project is by an example.

The way I would like to use this library would be like this (The code below is only intended to give you an idea of what I am after.):

var stringCollection = new List();

// Add some strings to the list here.

CollectionValidator myStringCollectionValidator = new CollectionValidator();

[url removed, login to view]().CountGreaterThan(3).CountLessThan(10);

var collectionValidationResults = [url removed, login to view](stringCollection);

For a collection of objects which is made up of multiple fields:

class myObject


public int ID {get;set;}

public string FirstName {get;set;}

public string LastName {get;set;}


var myObjectCollection = new List();

// Add some myObjects to the collection

// The myObjectValidator will validate each myObject in the collection.

CollectionValidator myObjectCollectionValidator = new CollectionValidator(myObjectValidator);

[url removed, login to view](x => [url removed, login to view]).Unique(x => [url removed, login to view], x => [url removed, login to view]).CountGreaterOrEqualTo(3);

var collectionValidationResults = [url removed, login to view](myObjectCollection);

The Unique() test will be overloaded to accept a variable or not. If it does not accept a variable it will simply check that all objects in the collection are unique. If it finds a duplicate, the index will be recorded.

If the Unique() test accepts a variable then the Property or the field of the Object needs to be checked for uniqueness.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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