C# Application for embedded systems configuration (VCP)



If you are interested, please read CAREFULLY the information under "how to apply" at the end of this announcement. Incomplete bids will not get any answer!

For our current project we need a C# application that communicates with our embedded systems trough the (USB emulated) serial port. This C# application is used to do various types of configuration of the embedded nodes, the application will typically be used once only during the setup/installation stages of the embedded parts into the industrial environment. Since the program will mostly be used by non-technical skilled people, the application has to work very simple and reliable.


We have multiple of different embedded systems nodes already connected with each other. These nodes are communicate through CAN bus, typically around 80 nodes are connected on this bus.

Each of the nodes can be configured with different parameters.

For example, the switch buttons can be configured to have different colors, brightness, sensitivity and stuff like that.


Our CAN bus higher layer protocol is already defined well, you will get the bus protocol specification to retrieve/send data from the nodes. Since there is a high possibility that you aren’t living nearby, you will get a remote desktop connection to a PC where you can test your application with our nodes in real-time.

Basically the embedded configuration node just forwards any data that comes from the CAN bus to the USB and visa versa. The advantage from this module is that you do not need to have knowledge of the CAN bus, just COM port.

From us you get detailed information about our used protocol with the embedded devices, the parameters that need to be configured, and a sketch of the UI for the C# application.

There are 4 different embedded products to configure, each with around 5 parameters.

In the UI we want to use tabs, buttons, sliders and numeric values. Nothing fancy.

From you we get first a sketch modeling plan of your C# software, we look into it and if agreed you can start programming. The programming must be done with correct structure (as shown in your model) and needs to be self explaining (with comments if needed) so our software engineers can jump in your code right away.


-You are creative, self-driven, thorough and systematic with the drive to successfully complete your projects

-You have the ability to provide readable, understandable and well documented code for the team to work on. Preferred are modeling diagrams that shows overall construction of your the code.

-You must have excellent skills with C# in conjunction with embedded systems, you know to work with USB-VCP.

- Preferred (basic) knowledge of the CAN bus and microcontrollers is (preferred PIC)

-You are a team player and have the ability to contribute constructively to the projects you are working on

- You are available on skype, icq or msn

- You have good English skills

-You can be trusted and respect confidentiality(!)


When you are interested to apply for this job you must send comprehensive details of your experience in the above listed required skills along with your IM ID (skype, icq, gChat or msn) . Without these we will ignore your application.

Since there is a change you can work for us full time in the future, please provide us:

1)Motivation letter

-How would you contribute to our team?


-In addition of the skills we are looking for, other technical/programming skills are a big plus

-It is always nice to know who we are talking to: your education, previous employments, real name, birth date and (business) picture can give more trust to your application.

3) Code sample

A) We are looking for well commented C# code that you’ve written in the past

B) We would also see some modeling skill

The project is done when the programs works flawlessly according to our given specifications.

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