MYSQL Dataloader.

Don't blind bid this project as it is small and confusing, but should not be that difficult to the right person.

As soon as I find someone with the timeframe and price that I am looking for, I will go with that person right away. I need work to start right away. I need it done right away.

Speed is the most important thing. Need this as soon as possible. Please

let me know how much, and how long, and go ahead and start. This does not

need to be can be straight mysql in order to get it faster.

You will recieve 5 files.

File 1:[url removed, login to view] file that will need to be imported.

File 2:Friends database which you actually only need one table for


table is zipData. You can extract this table and do what you need to do. We

do not need anything other then that table (in that database) for the


File 3:The jobs database, which is where the data ultimately needs

to end

up. The only field that you will need to import data into that database is


File 4: [url removed, login to view] This is a sample search file that uses the


database. Basically a search form with some functions that allows you to

use a pull down menu to search for people with 5/10/15/20 miles from a

entered zipcode.

File 5: [url removed, login to view] This is a comparison file.

The main field to be concerned with here is sample.tsv. The filed to be

concerned with is the field that has "WA-Redmond" in it. WA is the State of

Washington, and Redmond is the city.

The query will need to find which primary location in [url removed, login to view] it is

closest too and set the field "jobcategoryid" when the file [url removed, login to view] is

data loaded.

Overview of what needs to happen.

Tsv file is "pre-loaded".

Query looks at row where city/state data is located in tsv file.

Compares that field to the fields in Zipdata city/state and pulls that


Compare that zipcode with list of zipcodes for my primary locations in

[url removed, login to view]

Location ID is selected and placed in original spreadsheet under the column

that (now has "89" in it)

The datasheet is now loaded with all that information in it.

If City is not found, then create rows for all locations for that state.


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