3D modelling with MATLAB [urgent]

Project needs to be done by 29th of august


Use the MATLAB functions to generate a 3D model of the Tower [see the given picture].The Model should represent a combination of 3D geometrical objects. Colour the shade of the tower in different colors, e.g. the roof gray (metallic), the windows blue (glass) and the base light brown. computer graphics techniques should be used. scenario should be presented.


Devise an image analysis pipeline to segment the image to retain only the outline profile of the tower in the final binary image. grey level histogram should be presented and used.


Produce a report including

· Explanation of the work being undertaken including critical evaluation of computer graphics and image processing techniques, which have been used; and any special features, which have been included.

· A description of the code developed.

· A description of the level of success achieved and any enhancements which would improve the work.

· An adequately commented code listing.


Developing the model 15%

Image analysis 20%

Developing the outline profile 15%

Developing the vector model 10%

Quality MATLAB code 10%

Assessment of success 10%

Report 20%


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