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431908 SIP/IAX Dialer Software for Mobile Phone / Soft Phone clien

OS to Operate on:

• Symbian (All Smart Phone platforms)

• Windows Mobile (Version 6 and above)

• Android (Must work from version 1.6 upwards)

• iPhone (Must be IOS4 Compliant)

1) User friendly interface (Design Guides to be supplied by us)

2) Mobile Dialer should support SIP -V2 & IAX

3) Mobile Dialer supports G729, G722, GSM and [url removed, login to view] Codecs for sending audio stream

4) Mobile Dialer can run behind NAT or on private IP with VPN Tunneling (embedded ?)

5) This software will run on the phone having Symbian, Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile 5 Must also operate over the following mediums GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi & 3G Must be settings section to allow the user to toggle switch which medium to be used.

6) Mobile Dialer should be easily customizable to add new feature sets in

7) Able to use Mobile Dialer with any kind of Soft Switch, VoIP Billing Platform which support SIP-V2 & IAX and in Particular Asterisk Open Source PBX.

The application will need to operate and have the following features as listed below:


Registers with a VoIP Gatekeeper / Soft Switch either via SIP URI or through VPN Tunnel with pre-determined criteria.

Call: (Sends an Invite)

Request to establish a call with another SIP phone (Peer -2-Peer), Or calls to be processed through the Soft Switch using Codecs G729 and G722 (G711 and GSM Optional and configurable via a settings tab)

Send DTMF:

Sends DTMF via RFC2833 or in-band, must be complaint with industry standards


The application must support the Soft Switch feature commands for instance *67 will hold the Calls, *68 will resume the call, however the end users does not see what is going on in the back ground.

Call Answering:

Accepts and invite, and establishes a call standard SIP integration.

Call Rejection:

If user rejects a call it sends the command to the system, and the system does call flow steering i.e either tells it to send busy tone or send call to voice mail.

Call Transfer:

User presses the transfer button on the screen, and they can choose to transfer a call to users in their address book.

Play Wav File:

Plays a wav file in the event voice mail is delivered to the phone, or the phone plays it of the server.

Stop Wav file:

Stop the file being played


Allow for SIP MESSAGE signaling, and is offered up when the user puts in the number to dial.


Invite Incoming:

A call is coming in, acknowledges invite.

Invite Answered:

An invite has been accepted (200 OK)

Invite Ringing:

My outgoing call is ringing the remote party

DTMF Received:

Application is DTMF compliant and is able to send and receive DTMF tones.

Register Success:

Server accepted our registration


List Of calls with Redialing

List of all currently open calls, each call must be an object which handles/has all calls details.

NOTES: We are after quotes for the initial stage to gauge the length of time it will take to develop, and budgetary costs, bidding developers will be contacted at the close of the project listing.

Terms of Bidding:

1. If you are not genuine or have good intentions, and are not able to develop such an applications, please do not bother to bid on the development of this application.

2. We reserve the right to split the project between multiple developers

3. You will be asked to provide a demonstration of the application and its usability

4. The application should be as bug free as possible, meaning you should have a reasonably good QA process, also do not be hesitant to ask for our assistance, especially for Beta testing.

5. All source code must be provided to us and it will remain our property

6. You may be asked to sign off on a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) however this is at our discretion

7. Please do not bid if you do not know what a Mobile VoIP dialer is, unless you believe you can do the application regardless (You may be a quick learner)

8. NO payment is made unless we can see a working application

9. All payments are made via PayPal

10. Must be prepared for ongoing work and updates to the application

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