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I have attempted to launch a similar application before, however it has become slightly more difficult than I had thought.

!!!!! I have all the graphics needed. I have been given bad quotes because people do not take into account that I have already have the graphics. !!!!!!

I have recently tried to simplify the concept from the origianl idea in order to keep the cost of development down, and have an actual project that can be completed in a short timeframe.

Please be advised, just because the budget is set at 750, it doesn't necessarily I intend to pay this amount. Bidding that amount will most likely be ignored unless you hold a good review record and can compete the project in a short timeframe. Please dont bid above 750. Its not happening. Sorry.

Application Details

A live wallpaper app for android smartphones running on 2.1 or greater.

When the user lanches the live wallpaper for the first time. He will see a

street scene, along with two characters. A zombie and a human.

Thee goal of the game is simple. See which character survies the longest.

Both Characters will walk in a random path. Once they are within range, they will

being to pull twoards each other and begin to fight. Who ever health decreses first

will die. Seconds later, the character will be revied with full health and the process

continues. There will be a counter that will display the ammount of wins each

Character has.

When the user slides from screens the view of the background will pan slightly to reveal other buildings.

While the characters can move off the view of the screen. The will not be able to walk off the actual scene. Also

collision detection is required so they do not move above a point in the scene, which happen to be the buildings.

Zombie Characteristics

Moves in a random path

Attacks Every 1.20 sec

Has 11 Health

Attacks with hand swing

Human Characteristics

Moves in a random path

Attacks ever .70 sec

Has 10 Health

Attacks with Baseball Bat

Again, all the graphics are already completed. From what I can see the programmer will only be dealing with one walking animation, one attacking animation, one death animation, for the zombie and human.

I would require the source code, if I would ever like to tweak numbers.

Please be reasonable with your quotes, as I might be returning for any type of updates.

Evner: Android, Mobile App Development

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