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!! IMPORTANT : PLEASE GOOGLE "doom live wallpaper" TO GET A BETTER IDEA !!

I am looking to create something similar to the doom live wallpaper using my custom graphics witch for the most part are completed.

Project name:

Man vs Zombie (working name)

Talent Needed:

Programmer familiar with Live Wallpapers and able to add game like logic.

Brief description:

Man vs Zombie is a a simple 2d live wallpaper that incorporates small gameplay elements in order to give users a fun an interactive application that they may enjoy during the day without having to open up any type of application. This applications is very similar to the Doom Live Wallpaper currently available on the market. (google doom live wallpaper)

The main gameplay idea is to keep your avatar alive as long as you can by ordering your avatar to attack enemies in a specific order, picking up items on the ground, and restoring your health. There will be no penalty for death other than re-spawning.

User Interaction:

The main avatar will have an AI that is attracted to the closest enemies. Naturally the user might want to target a different enemy, by clicking on a new enemy, the avatar will stop fighting the current enemy, and pursue the new target.

The user may also click on an empty area. Which will make the avatar RUN. While running the avatar will move faster, but be unable to fire weapons while moving. A running animation will be shown.

There also will be a small briefcase at any of the four corners the user chooses. Once this briefcase is tapped it will slide out to and reveal the weapons collected by the user. If the player clicks on a different weapon the avatar will switch. The briefcase will slide back in either after a few seconds, or if the player clicks on it. (What ever is easier)


The object of the game is simple, the player is to try to is to defeat as many enemies as he can before being defeated. As a live wallpaper, the user can play at any moment he chooses without having to commit any serious time.

5 weapons types include

Unarmed - 1 HP (close range)

Knife - 2 HP (close range)

Baseballbat 3 HP (Close range)

Pistol - 5 HP (normal range)

SMG - 10 HP (normal range)

Avatar and Zombie NPC:

The a avatar will walk at a normal pace, while running will move him much faster. The Avatar will be able to attack with his fist (unarmed) as well as with weapons. Baseball Bats will have a unique attack, as they will be able to bash the heads of zombies if they are being pinned down. (see zombie lunge attack)

Zombies will move at a much slower pace trying to corner the avatar with numbers. Zombies will have 3 attack types.

Basic slash - 1 HP (close range)

Lunge attack - 0 HP (latches on to avatar, slowing the movement as zombie is being dragged, the player could use a baseball bat to free himself)

Bite attack - 3 HP


The scene will be large enough to be able to scroll left and right. If possible, the avatar should make his way into the active window that the user is currently on. The scene will include 3 buildings, (non of them are interactive, but the user shouldn't not be able to go through these. I believe this is called "hit detection" ) a background, and a street/sidewalk. The idea is to keep the avatar fighting in the streets/sidewalk.

!!IMPORTANT!! Before bidding please take a look at the doom live wallpaper, this is the best point of reference I could provide. !! IMPORTANT!!

(project mock)

[url removed, login to view]

(doom live wallpaper)

[url removed, login to view]

The source code will be required as I also plan to add, upgrade, and tweak images.

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