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About the company:\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nThe company is a world leader in manufacturing and wholesale of the most original and authentic Christian gifts.\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nWe specialize in supplying wholesale and retail suppliers, Religious Congregations, Churches, Christian Organizations and Fraternities in Europe and The Americas.\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nOpen position:\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nWe are looking for a Freelancer Presales Representative, to be in charge of coordinating meetings, between the CEO of Land of Christ and new potential customers.\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nScope of Presales activity:\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n1) Google search of contact details of new potential customers, based on company names or keywords, provided the CEO.\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n2) Establish first contact with them and identify key person in charge of purchasing.\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n3) Send company and product\\\\\\\'s info to the key person and have a call with him, to identify in which product/s he is interested in.\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n4) Set up a call between the customer\\\\\\\'s key person and the CEO of the provider.\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nRequested Skills:\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no Languages: English (mother tongue or superior)\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nGerman, Russian, French, Italian, other: An important advantage to be considered.\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no Excellent communication relationships\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no Preferable with experience in PA/Presales/Sales\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no Experience in tracking contact details on the Internet and through phone calls\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no Ability to arrange phone meetings and motivate people to buy\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nExpectations:\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no Minimum of 15 working hours per week\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no Option to full time job: 45 hours per week\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no Between 30 to 100 phone calls coordinated per week\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nTerritory:\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nTBD based on language and ability of the Freelancer Presales Representative\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nPayment:\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no US$ 3.75 per call set up with key person\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n+\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no US$ 0.75 per call with a key person who isn\\\\\\\'t interested in\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n+\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no 2% commission on first sale (within 6 months from coordinating the call with the key person)\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n+\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\no IP Phone system to be provided by the company\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nExpected monthly payments:\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nPart time job (15 hours per week): 120 set up calls per month + sales commission (18 sales for total of US$ 50,000) = US$ 1,450\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nFull time job (45 hours per week): 360 set up calls per month + sales commission (54 sales for total of US$ 150,000) = US$ 4,350\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nPlease, send referrals (CV and/or application) to Mr. Rami Odara\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\\\\\r\n\\\r\nLooking forward to your proposal

Evner: Engelsk(USA), Leads, Markeds Research, Markedsføring, Salg

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