(MAPP)Web Site Design using CMS & XML integration



What is the idea of Mapps?

What are the Main features?

Chapter 1: The User

A User can

- Add himself to the portal.

- He fill up a form with the information about Name, Middlename, Lastname,

eMail and Language (mandatory fields).

Standard HTML-Form

- Get the Questions in the right Language

SOAPService MAPPResources:

* RetrieveQuestions

Retrieve the 71 MAPP Assessment Situations

- Parameter: sLanguage

- Submit all Information to [url removed, login to view]

SOAPService MAPPResults:

* MAPP_SubmitResults

This web service allows you to submit the results of one individual

- After successfully registration the can User logon to the portal

Standard Authentification mechanism

- And see his Results

SOAPService MAPPResults

* MAPP_RetrieveResults_Simple

This web service allows you to select the complete MAPP results for a member in your account.

- Parameter: MemberID, Language, AgentUserName, AgentPassword.

Chapter 2: Administrator area

The administrator can

- Manage People

Manage the inventory of MAPP? appraisals for candidates.

No SOAP-Services are provide. Have to manage the candidates yourself.

Main functionality

- List Candidates

You have to store the MAPP-ID in your database.

- Show Results of one Candidate

See SOAPService MAPPResults

- Delete Candidate

You can only delete the Candidate in your database. No SOAPService

is provided.

- Manage Job Profiles

Create, manage and view MAPP job profiles.

- SOAPService MAPP_CreateProfile_ONETCopy

Copy a profile from the ONET database of Job profiles

- SOAPService MAPP_CreateProfile_ProfileCopy

Make an exact copy of one of the current job profiles for your company

- SOAPService MAPP_RetrieveAllAccountProfiles

Retrieve all of the custom profiles to which you have access to

- SOAPService MAPP_CreateProfile_Complex

Generate a "Composite" type profile. A profile will be created from the results of 5 individuals.

- SOAPService MAPP_DeleteProfile

Deletes the MAPP Job profile from the system

- SOAPService MAPP_CreateProfile_Simple

Generate a "Nearest Neighbor" type profile. A profile will be created from the results of one individual. This type of profile is good to try and find as close of a match to that individual.

- SOAPService MAPP_RetrieveProfileDetails

Retrieve the MAPP scores for a particular job profile

- MAPP Match

Match people to job profiles to build a more productive workforce.

* MAPPMatch_SingleJob_SingleUser_Complete

Match a single Job Profile to a single person.

This Web Service returns the complete MAPP Matching results

- Parameter: MemberID, JobID, AgentUsername, AgentPassword.

* MAPPMatch_SingleJob_SingleUser_Basic

Match a single Job Profile to a single person.

This Web Service returns the overall MAPP Match score only

- Parameter: MemberID, JobID, AgentUsername, AgentPassword.

* MAPPMatchToONET_SortAll

Match all 900 ONET jobs to one user.

Returns sorted list of overall scores

- Parameter: MemberID, AgentUsername, AgentPassword.

* MAPPMatchToONET_SingleJobs

Match one ONET job to one user.

Returns complete results

- Parameter: MemberID, OnetCode, AgentUsername, AgentPassword.


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