Make $90,000 with Hollywood-style Film

Hollywood-style Hip Hop Movie

We have a proposal for corporate sponsorship. Businesses can have their products (ie: mobile phone, auto, shoes, etc..) in the movie…product placement…and we also have branded entertainment business opportunities. Only a limited amount of sponsorships available (3 – 5 corporate sponsor only). Here’s the approximate price of sponsorship packages available for movie product placement.

Package A. Oscar level = $295,000

Package B. Walk of Fame level = $149,000 and

Package C. Red Carpet Level = $75,000.

These sponsorships presentations come complete with everything a sponsor needs to make a decision including: how product placement works in the movie, our target audience, web promotions, director, executive producer, actors names, production dates, distribution company, the proposal has video, graphics, movie poster…and active website to promote the film…etc…everything is very professional as we have done this before...all we need is you or your staff to:

1. Call our list of targeted contact names…we have about 80 highly targeted contacts...if you can get access to USA large companies let us know.

2. Once you contact decision-maker ask them if you can email them a “Proposal for product placement in a feature film targeting their customers”

3. When they say "yes" and they will because nobody else is offering this kind of marketing plan targeting young teens…then you get their email and send them our complete proposal.

4. Email a list of everyone that you sent a proposal to.

5. If they have questions for you just kindly say "the proposal will answer all questions I'll send it out today" or "may I set-up an appointment for the movie producer to call you and answer all your questions?" Then movie producer will call them to discuss proposal and details.

6. Once we sale a sponsorship proposal together you get 20% commission for each sponsorship. Package A commission = $59,000, Package B commission $29,800 Package C commission = $15,000. You get 20% of final negotiated price...usually the corporation will negotiate down the price about 10% - 20% so your commission will be adjusted accordingly to final price. You will get paid as soon as corporation pay...they usually take 30 days to pay.

We make it easy as possible with a website that describes the movie with video trailer and a sales proposal that answers all their questions. We have sold sponsorships to ad agencies and corporations before so we know what they ask and what they need to see in proposal…all info will be in proposal you email them. We will keep up updated on all results. Also, to keep track and know if you sold sponsorship… you will be the only one sending sponsorship packages so your list will be exclusive. Also you can always call the contact to ask if they bought sponsorship. We are based in Texas, USA. If you have accent that is ok...all you need to be able to say is..."can I email you a proposal for product placement in a movie targeting your customers" then follow-up to see if they received and reviewed it.

Thank you.


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