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a game created in macromedia director. the size of the 'room' MUST be 900*400 pixels. The screen represents the plan view of a room. the room contains 5 gold coins placed at random (at different places each time the game is played.) the player uses the 4 cursor keys on keyboard to move a character around the room. the objective is to collect all of the coins in as fast a time as possible, and at the same time avoid being hit by a ball which bounces endlessly around the room (covering all areas of the room at some point. the screen must display a seconds counter (timer) which stops once the 5 coins have been collected. at the end of the game, a high score table is displayed and if player is successful he may enter his name, and it will be displayed, ranked in the table in the order of shortest time.

the game MUST be implemented in director mx2004. it MUST have on screen instructions and a hight score table and sound. There MUST be a bibliography, and credits page, crediting all sources. there MUST also be an on screen evaluation (which will be edited by me after.)

All graphics used MUST be original in design, and MUST be created and designed by you. the use of photographs or images from the internet are forbidden. the graphics used must be of good quality. sounds must be fully credited in bibliography.

a copy of the coding MUST be provided with all the codings from game credited from the sources used i.e. books, websites. this is a MUST, and MUST be done line by line. (i will explain in detail what is required)

what is also needed is all source files- Director files, graphics files etc. this is a MUST.


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