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Lua Coder to make a Combat Routine Module (will depend on an already built lua library that uses functions from Standard Lua library)


I would like to request your service to make a lua file with a bunch of functions and two data lists that I require for a combat rotation module tailored to a specific class called thief (elite spec Daredevil weaponset: dagger pistol, shortbow, utilities are explained in the documentation) of a mmorpg called Guild Wars 2 that compiles with the two given libraries GW2MINION and Skillmanager-Addon. Your task will consist of:

GUI for toggling off and on the module ingame.

Creating a cloak function - (if at a distance from opponent but they can target player then use skills that stealth up and monitor duration of stealth timer to consistently remain in stealth until go into combat or can perform combo)

Create multiple combos - (base their activation on how far the opponent is, or how readily available those skills are, or what combo has higher priority based on damage output etc, these are not burst (openers) just combos that are possible with given skill ids)

Create a buff list and skill id list - (this will list off the skills that can block player's damage and buffs that can stop damage from hitting completely, as well as special dodges from certain classes, also make a seperate list for dangerous skill ids based on the documentation)

Create a utility activator function(this will consist of when to use certain utilities that are equipped with certain combos to setup damage or to handle danger situations, priority should go to setup utilities then to kiting utilities)

Create a targeting function - (this will take into account enemies within a certain area around you, what class they are, and who to target based on what class has higher priority and this should only be overridden if an enemy nearby has low health and is possible to get to them to perform a combo. How you choose to handle this is up to you.)

Create a burst combo - (for burst to go off)

Create an extended burst combo - (for more damage that should be the opener to a fight)

Create a stunbreak function - (if all weapons have a cooldown that is greater than a second including the auto attack then use any readily available skill that removes cc OR if none are available try to kite away using utility)

Create a dodge function - (if enemy is using a skill that applies any form off cc, take the cast time and string name of the skill add it to list and check to see if matches up with target's and if does time for when the skill is supposed to land which is the end of the cast time)

Create an interrupt function - (this system should be focused on interrupting heals or elite skills the target has so that they can be outplayed in heavily out favored matchups)

Create a dodge counter and dodge function (if enemy uses dodge, for duration of that dodge will have a unique speed compared to normal moving don't use skills, then add a count to a timer that can change depending on if they have the buff vigor to watch how many dodges they have, if they have 0 (or less than 1) go all in with burst and ignore playing safe)

Create a Projectile Denial function(if enemy is using skill classified as a range skill then throw down Black Powder at Player, do not worry about combo building or burst in this situation especially if enemy is farther than 600 range)

Your efforts should be focused on following the guide that I provide on how I want utilities and weapon skill ids to work in tandem with each other, then writing functions that fit the logic.

Two libraries, one module for how the format should look, and another giving TONS of functions already completed for another class is attached below.

Expect you to have gone over what the project entails first in links below before bidding.

Just to be clear, I provide a lot of documentation, a finished module for reference, as well as functions made for some of the systems, so I would emphasize focusing your efforts to completing the other parts. If you feel you can handle this job, please contact me as soon as possible.

Evner: Lua, Graphical User Interface (GUI), API, MMORPG

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Hey, I can't say i have any experience with the libraries you mentioned, but i have a lot of experience writing lua scripts. I mostly use it when i participate in gamedev jams, but recently i did a similar project to y Flere

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