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RTMP Server Final Touch

$30-250 AUD

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$30-250 AUD

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I've successfully completed the initial setup of my RTMP server on a Digital Ocean instance running Ubuntu. However, the project needs a skilled freelancer to bring it across the finish line. I'm aiming to use this server for streaming on YouTube Live, but I've encountered hurdles that I need help to overcome. Here's what I'm looking for: **Key Requirements:** - Finalize the RTMP server setup. - Ensure stability and security of the server. - Integrate server with YouTube Live for streaming. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Ubuntu server management. - Experience with Digital Ocean environments. - Expertise in setting up and managing RTMP servers. - Familiarity with YouTube Live's API and streaming requirements. - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve streaming issues efficiently. The ideal candidate will have a track record of setting up RTMP servers and integrating them with streaming platforms, specifically YouTube Live. Your input will be crucial in smoothing out any existing issues and ensuring that the server is optimized for live streaming. If you have the skills and experience I'm looking for, I'm eager to hear from you.
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Hi, I will configure streaming server properly and share you RTMP and hls string .I will make sure videos will run properly on server. In my 15 years of experience, I have done numerous similar projects successfully which required setting up and managing RTMP servers. I am deeply familiar with DigitalOcean and have a proven track record in Ubuntu server management which aligns perfectly with your project. I can assure you that my dedication and expertise will help us surmount any hurdles you've encountered and enhance the stability and security of your server. THank you
$130 AUD på 1 dag
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As a dedicated and versatile Linux system admin, I have honed my skills to provide clients with unmatched services in server management and IT solutions. With over 8 years of experience under my belt, I can confidently say that I exceed your project's requirements for setting up and managing your RTMP server. My proficiency in Ubuntu coupled with a deep knowledge of Redhat servers will ensure the stability, security, and seamless integration required to stream on YouTube Live successfully. In the fast-paced world of digital technologies, adaptability is paramount - a value I hold close. Even though my professional background may primarily revolve around Digital Marketing and Web Hosting, I have always strived to remain up-to-date on the latest advancements in complementary fields like yours. So despite not having direct experience with Youtube Live API or streaming challenges, I am confident that my extensive troubleshooting skills and ability to analyze new systems proficiently will shine through in ensuring a smooth completion of your RTMP server setup To complement my relevant technical abilities, my passion for delivering results that far exceeds client expectations makes me an ideal fit for this project. Fundamentally, this is about overcoming hurdles together - as long as we are on the same page about that perspective, I promise to pour all my energy defending our shared vision of a fully operational RTMP server that effortlessly integrates with YouTube Live
$50 AUD på 1 dag
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As an accomplished Linux Engineer and Full-stack Developer familiar with Debian, Ubuntu, and more, I'll be able to seamlessly complete your RTMP streaming project. I have deep expertise not just working with Ubuntu and Digital Ocean environments, but also in setting up and managing RTMP servers effectively. Over the years, I’ve built a proven track record of ensuring the stability and security of servers through efficient troubleshooting. You mentioned your goal is to optimize this server for seamless streaming on YouTube Live. In that regard, my familiarity with YouTube Live's API and streaming requirements will prove invaluable. I can ensure a smooth integration as well as help resolve any issues that perhaps you may have encountered with the existing setup. Finally, my client-centric approach ensures constant communication throughout the project. With me on board, you can expect a detail-oriented resolution to your RTMP server challenges that will exceed your expectations. Let's get started on making your streaming experience on YouTube Live a resounding success.
$100 AUD på 1 dag
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As an experienced and highly skilled IT professional, my immense knowledge of Linux, System Administration, and my proficiency in Ubuntu undoubtedly makes me the best fit for this crucial project. I have a concrete background in setting up and managing RTMP servers, ensuring their stability and security - all skills that will come into fruition during my work on your finalizing the RTMP server project. Moreover, my familiarity with Digital Ocean environments is a significant asset to this task, as I'm already well acquainted with the platform you've chosen. Not only do I understand the technical aspects of handling a server on Digital Ocean instance, but I also have extensive experience troubleshooting and resolving issues efficiently which will be paramount in achieving streamlined and stable streaming on YouTube Live. Lastly, my dedication towards 100% clients' satisfaction is evident from my successful handling of various critical projects for over 150+ companies hitherto. Your requirement for a one-on-one project aligns precisely with how I like to work, allowing me to focus solely on your project's success. To summarize, hiring me for this role promises unwavering commitment, technical expertise and an absolute dedication to bringing your streaming capabilities to perfection.
$140 AUD på 7 dage
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Dear Client, I hope this message finds you well. I'm excited to learn about your project and the progress you've made so far in setting up your RTMP server on Digital Ocean running Ubuntu. It's evident that you're committed to leveraging technology for streaming on YouTube Live, and I'm eager to assist you in bringing this endeavor to fruition. Having successfully completed the initial setup of your RTMP server is a significant milestone. However, I understand that there are challenges to overcome to achieve your ultimate goal. With my expertise in server administration and streaming technologies, I am confident that I can help you navigate through these hurdles and ensure the smooth operation of your streaming server. I am dedicated to delivering high-quality results that meet your specific needs and objectives. With my expertise and commitment to excellence, I am confident that I can help you achieve your streaming goals effectively and efficiently. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and contribute to the success of your project. Regards, Lalit
$240 AUD på 7 dage
5,0 (2 anmeldelser)
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With my diversified experiences as a Network and IT Admin over the past six years, I am well-versed in managing and maintaining complex IT systems. My expertise stretches across various operating systems, including Debian and Ubuntu, making me an ideal candidate for your RTMP server project. Throughout my career, I have been successfully implementing and supporting different IT projects, the most relevant one to your requirement being installing and configuring security devices and software. Not only do I have hands-on experience working with Digital Ocean environments, but I have also managed numerous servers during my career. Setting them up meticulously from scratch, optimizing them for reliable and secure streaming is a job I am accustomed to. Further strengthening my suitability for this project, is my knowledge of YouTube Live's API and streaming requirements- a crucial element you mentioned. Being familiar with these requirements will allow me to integrate your server seamlessly without facing undue obstacles. My passion for leveraging technology to enhance productivity aligns perfectly with the objectives of your project. If given an opportunity, I'll ensure that your RTMP server is running optimally, delivering excellent stability and robust security features that meet your streaming needs on YouTube Live. Allow me the chance and together we can give your project the final touch of excellence it deserves!
$100 AUD på 7 dage
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Om klienten

sydney, Australia
Betalingsmetode verificeret
Medlem siden jun. 22, 2020


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