#include <iostream>

#include <string>

using namespace std;

struct Donut {

string flavor;

int age;

double price;

Donut* prev = NULL;

Donut* next = NULL;


Donut(string flavor, int age, double price){

this->flavor = flavor;

this->age = age;

this->price = price;


// implement the copy constructors

Donut(const Donut &otherDonut);

Donut(const Donut *otherDonut);

void display() {

cout << flavor << "\t$" << price << "\t" << age << endl;



struct DonutTray


Donut* head = NULL; // head of the list of donuts

Donut* tail = NULL; // tail of the list of donuts

int length = 0; // number of donuts in the tray


// implement the copy constructor

// copies a another tray into this tray

DonutTray(const DonutTray &otherTray);

// implement the appendDonut method

// appends a donut at the end of the tray

// feel free to reuse implementations

// from labs or other past assignments

void appendDonut(Donut* donut);

// removes the donut from the list

void removeDonut(Donut* donut);

// implement the display() method

// iterates over this tray

// displaying each of the elements

void display();

// implement the concatenate() method

// concatenates another tray

// at the end of this tray

void concatenate(const DonutTray* otherTray);

// implement the removeStaleDonuts() method

// iterates over the tray removing stale donuts

// donuts are stale if their age is grater than

// maxAge

void removeStaleDonuts(int maxAge);


// here's an implementation of copy that

// doesn't quite work. The new tray does

// display as the original tray, but since

// it refers to the original elements, your

// can't manipulate the elements without

// also manipulating the original elements

DonutTray* badCopy(const DonutTray* other)


DonutTray* newTray = new DonutTray();

newTray->head = other->head;

newTray->tail = other->tail;

newTray->length = other->length;

return newTray;


// a better implementation of copy would

// create an exact replica of the original

// tray, but the elements would be brand

// new instances that have the same values

// as the original tray, but they can be

// manipulated independently from the original

// tray

DonutTray* goodCopy(const DonutTray* otherTray);

int main()


Donut* chocolate = new Donut("Chocola", 12, 0.99);

Donut* vanilla = new Donut("Vanilla", 13, 1.99);

Donut* strawberry = new Donut("Strawbe", 14, 2.99);

Donut* glazed = new Donut("Glazed", 15, 0.99);

Donut* boston = new Donut("Boston", 12, 1.99);

Donut* cream = new Donut("Cream", 13, 2.99);

// test display method

cout << "Display Donut" << endl;


// test the copy constructor

// make sure each has its own

// member variables

cout << endl << "Donut Copy Constructor" << endl;

Donut crispy("Crispy", 11, 0.59);

Donut copy = crispy;

[url removed, login to view]();

[url removed, login to view]();

[url removed, login to view] += 1.00;

[url removed, login to view] += 2.00;

[url removed, login to view]();

[url removed, login to view]();

// create a tray

cout << endl << "Create tray1" << endl;

DonutTray* tray1 = new DonutTray();





// create another tray

cout << endl << "Create tray2" << endl;

DonutTray* tray2 = new DonutTray();





// test concatenate tray2 into tray1

cout << endl << "Concatenate tray2 to tray1" << endl;



// make sure tray2 was not affected


// but if we append to tray2,

// tray1 will change too

// but that's ok for now




cout << endl << "Bad Copy" << endl;

/* test badCopy. realize that changing one

* tray changes the other


DonutTray* badCopyTray = badCopy(tray2);

// display both trays verifying the look the same



// change one of th

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