legal research into English divorce law regarding divorce & marriage contracts outside the UK

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I am looking for a legal researcher who can provide me with a written report on the division of assets in English divorce law IF the original marriage contract was conducted in another country

Specific aspects of English divorce law that need to be researched include:

- Understanding the laws and regulations governing the division of assets during a divorce in the UK & if the marriage contract was done in another country

- Identifying any similar cases that have set a precedent

- Investigating any recent developments or changes in the law regarding the division of assets

Ideal skills and experience for this project include:

- A strong background in legal research and expertise in English divorce law

- Familiarity with the specific aspects of divorce law related to the division of assets but with the original marriage contract being conducted outside the UK

- Excellent analytical and writing skills to provide a comprehensive report

The project requires research on a specific international marriage contract that will be provided.

Key deliverable:

- A written report outlining the findings of the research on the division of assets in English divorce law, including any relevant information from the specific international marriage contract.

Note: A verbal consultation is not required for this project, only a written report.

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