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Kepping track of Homes

I need a site to put data. All I need is a form that I can fill out with information and a way to pull the information. It will need to pull one "file" from one of two names. the Buyer and Seller. The fields needed are as fallows.

Seller Name

Foreclosure / Sale Date

Seller Address

Seller City

Seller State

Seller Zip

Seller Home Phone

Seller Work Phone

Seller Cell Phoen

Start Date

Purchase Price

Ernset Money

Balance of Purchase

Payable as fallows

Preliminary Title

1st Mortgage

2nd Mortgage


First Lender

2nd Lender

1st Amoung

2nd Amount

Total Lender Amount

1st Mortgage Payment

2nd Mortgage Paymetn

Total Mortgage Payment

Buyer Name

Buyer Address

Buyer City

Buyer State

Buyer Zip

Buyer Home phone

buyer work phone

buyer cell phone

score person name

score person address

score person city

score person state

score person zip

score person home phone

score person work phone

score person cell phone


mortgage company

mortgage Co. Contact

contact phone number

closing date

title co

title co contact person

title co phone

sappraisal co

appraisal co scheduiled date

appraisal co completed date

inspection co

inspection co contact

inspection co phone


refferral name

refferral amount

date paid

doc $

doc date paid

file closed date


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