Custom LMS Component for Therapists/Patients

I am interested in creating a component so its created as way for Physical Therapists (PTs) to assign programs of exercises to patients with individual exercise instructions. Each exercise instruction would include written content like title, description along with multimedia content such as photos and video. The video will be uploaded and transcoded by the server using FFMPEG. In order to expedite development and tie with other site features, we will also be utilizing Community Builder, AEC Subscription Manager, and JACLPlus. Currently we are using HWDVideoShare to handle video management and the FFMPEG processing.

PTs (Physical Therapists) are grouped into Clinics. Clinics maybe one individual PT or a group of PTs. In any case, clinic managers are able to create new PTs, create new programs for patients and create new exercises. PTs will be able to create new programs for patients and create new exercises as well. Patients are grouped by their clinic and are NOT shared with any other clinic. The option for created sub-clinics for branch offices would be great but not necessary at the moment.

Exercises, once created, will have the option of being shared with the website's other PT community members. However, PTs can also choose to make their exercise instructions for their own clinic use. Again, exercises will be multimedia in nature. All of the exercises need to be searched upon by the PT based on the exercise types, or body part or other search parameters like custom tags entered. PTs should also be able to find an exercise and tag it as a “favorite”

Programs can be grouped into pre-determined collections of exercises called ‘Protocols’ These protocols allow for a PT to quickly assign a group of courses to patients, based on the patient’s needs. There should be an option to modify the protocol when assigned to a program.

PTs will be able to sign up patients manually and then create individual home programs for them. Patients are then emailed login details. A list of each assigned, customized program is viewable to the frontend once the patient is logged in. This personalized program is viewable only to them and clinic they are part of. Each program will be able to saved or archived by the Clinic or PT.

Once an individual program is viewed, the patient will see a basic description and the multimedia instructions for performing the exercises. Video would be very important and we want a very streamlined system for uploading the video and having it viewed by the patient, hence using FFMPEG. Progress can be checked off by the patient as the exercises are completed.

The site would be created in a manner in which new clinics or PTs could come to the site and sign up and pay for an account based on the size of the clinic's organization. This would have to be done on the "honor system" since verifying the actual clinic size would be hard to independent verified. However, we would like to be able to, based on the chosen plan, limit the amount of patients a clinic would be able to create.

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