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Simple Javascript Coding


Brief: 3 loops added to Javascript code below

Instructions Are attached:

<script type="text/javascript">

/*[url removed, login to view]("Vadim Kushnir");

[url removed, login to view]("");

[url removed, login to view]("Janin V");

[url removed, login to view]("Javascript 2");*/

var customer = prompt("Welcome to Vadim's Ice Cream Shop! What is your name please?", "Your Name");

alert("Hello "+customer+ " please first look at our great variety of ice cream, then place your order.");

var flavor = prompt("What flavor of ice cream do you wish to have?", "enter your flavor request");

if(flavor== "vanilla")

price = 1*([url removed, login to view]);

if(flavor== "chocolate")

price = [url removed, login to view];

if(flavor== "lemon")

price = [url removed, login to view];

if(flavor== "mint")

price = [url removed, login to view];

if(flavor== "strawberry")

price = .99;

if(flavor== "blueberry")

price = [url removed, login to view];

var scoops= prompt("How many scoops of " +flavor+ " would you like to have?");


var ask= confirm(customer+" would you like to purchase "+scoops+" scoops of " +flavor+" ?");

if (ask== false)


alert(" Please reload the page when you are ready to order!");






var cone= 1* .75

var njtax= 1* .07

var totalcost= (Number(scoops)* Number(price)+ Number(cone));

if (flavor=="mint" && scoops==Number(3) )


totalcost=(Number(scoops)* Number(price)+ Number(cone)*.85);


if ( flavor=="chocolate" && scoops==Number(2) )


totalcost=(Number(scoops)* Number(price)+ Number(cone)*.88);


if (flavor=="chocolate" && scoops>=Number(4) )


(Number(scoops)* Number(price)+ Number(cone)*.83);


var total= (Number(totalcost)* Number(njtax)+ Number(totalcost));

[url removed, login to view](customer+', the cost of <i>'+scoops+'</i> scoops of <b>'+flavor+'</b> flavored ice cream is '+totalcost+ '<br> With tax, the total comes to <u>'+[url removed, login to view](2)+'</u><br>');

if (flavor=="chocolate" && scoops==Number(2) || flavor=="chocolate" && scoops>=Number(4) || flavor=="mint" && scoops==Number(3))

[url removed, login to view]("Thank you for purchasing one of our specials!")


[url removed, login to view]("")

</script>les tax.

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