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Javascript for Order Form

This project is a one page order form for a web client. There is a list of about 20 products. A colum for the number ordered of each. The next column will calculate the unit price per product, based on the number ordered. The 3rd column will calculate the $ total for the product (multiplying the number by the unit price).

At the bottom of the page, there are 5 totals to print out: TOTAL # OF UNITS ordered (sum of 1st column), NET COST (sum of 3rd column), SHIPPING COST: (based on Country selected from drop-down list and TOTAL # OF UNITS), TAX (17.5% applied only to UK orders), and TOTAL DUE (sum of NET, SHIPPING & TAX).

I am supplying the form validation, so this is not needed. I just need the math computations above.

Slight revision and clarification on this:

AT this point, there are 15 products listed. Your scripting should make it easy to add new products to the list.

There will only be a single column beside each product, where customers will enter a NUMBER representing HOW MANY of a particular product they want.

There will be six totals to print out at the bottom of the form:

TOTAL PIECES: a sum of the NUMBER of all products ordered.

NET COST: a total determined by (1) number of pieces, (2) a discount applied for bulk orders based on number of pieces in order.

PRICE PER PIECE: net cost divided by number of pieces.

SHIPPING COSTS: determined by (1) number of pieces, (2) location of desination country (schedule of these is provided)

TAX: applied only to orders where customer is in UK countries (17.5% of NET COST + SHIPPING).


A shipping and pricing table will be provided. There are 8 different PRICE CATEGORIES, based on TOTAL PIECES ORDERED. There are 8 different SHIPPING COST CATEGORIES, one for each price category. There are 3 different "SHIPPING REGIONS" (UK, EUROPE, OTHER); the SHIPPING COST changes for each WORLD REGION. Shipping costs will be triggered by COUNTRY NAME, which will be associated with a WORLD REGION.

We will supply complete table of PRICING CATEGORIES and SHIPPING CATEGORY COSTS.

Currently we have drop-down menus which assign COUNTRY VARIABLES to the order form. It is this country variable that will trigger the appropriate pricing category for shipping.

When the SUBMIT BUTTON is pressed, it will trigger the form validation (which I will supply) for the customer information. The ORDER FORM PAGE then re-directs to a "thankyou page".

I would also like the following to happen when the SUBMIT BUTTON IS PRESSSED: A popup window opens containing a copy of the customer's order that they can print for their own records. I can format the HTML of the page, no problem, I just need the Javacript and/or cookie code that will open the window and show the customer's order so they can print it out.

I hope this makes sense!

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