FBML Project For Facebook Fan Page Work

I require a clone of the FBML code that is being used on this Fan Page:

[url removed, login to view]

Just a complete clone so that you will send me the code, I can create a fan page, drop the code it and it will look and function exactly the same.

Please make sure that you KNOW what this fan page is doing, I will briefly explain:

Step 1) The become a fan button. This button is the only step that appears at first. IF IF IF the user is already a fan then this button does still appear but so do the next two. If the user LEAVES the page (Remove Me From Fans button) the other steps disappear when the user visits the page again.

Step 2) Invite your friends. When the user clicks this button the popup comes up to invite their friends. If the user is not a fan of the fan page then this button doesn't work which is obviously why I require for step 1 to work.

I also require for a small edit on Step 3. I require an onclick function so that after the user has clicked on the Invite friends button there will be a javascript delay of 5 seconds before step 3 shows.

Step 3) For step 3 I require for the step 3 to be clickable, like the Choose Country button on this page but once clicked it will replace the full FBML area on the fan page with an outside iframe. I have got the code for this below (Inserting an iFrame into FBML):

<div style="display:block"; id="clickme"><a onClick="[url removed, login to view](location_two);[url removed, login to view](blank);" style="cursor: pointer;">Click Here To Display The Optin Form!</a></div>

<div id="outside_location">

<fb:js-string var="location_two"> <fb:iframe width="160" height="160" frameborder='0' src='[url removed, login to view]' /> </fb:js-string>

<fb:js-string var="blank"> </fb:js-string>

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">

var outside_location = [url removed, login to view]('outside_location');

var clickme = [url removed, login to view]('clickme');


IF you can do all of this please bid on this project.

You may also find the become a fan FBML code useful:

<span id="profile_connect_text" class="hidden_elem"></span><span id="profile_connect">

<a ajaxify="/ajax/pages/[url removed, login to view];amp;add=1&reload=1&preserve_tab=1&use_primer=1" rel="async-post" class="UIButton UIButton_Gray UIActionButton" href="#"><span class="UIButton_Text"><span class="UIButton_Icon UIButton_IconNoSpriteMap" style="background-position: 0pt -410px;"></span>Become a Fan</span></a></span>

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