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Web Install Wizard

The project is a web application either a web page or a flash component that can guide mobile users thru an installation of software on their mobile devices. We are open for having either a flash component or a webpage using ajax functionality.

Basically the web application is an install wizard for mobile users that has to go thru 5 steps for requesting a Java program. The Java program also has to be installed on the mobile device and hereafter the user has to connect to a database with the program.

The web application should have the following functionality

1. When the user open the web application the first time, the user is presents with instructions about how to send an SMS. This is Step 1 in the install wizard.

2. The web application should constant check against the platform to see when a SMS is sent from the user and received in the platform. When the web application gets a signal that the SMS is received, the web application should take the user to step 2.

a. The constant checking should be done via HTTP request every 5 sec. via Ajax or Flash.

b. The platform already exists and has an simple XML API.

3. In step 2. The user receives an SMS with a link. Again the web application should constant check the platform to detect when the user has clicked the link, and the web application should take the user to step 3 when the link I clicked.

4. In Step 3. an image of the users mobile devices will be displayed, and new instructions.

5. In Step 4 and 5 the web application displays more instructions to the user, and the web applications keeps checking when the users and preformed the necessary actions and automatically takes the user to the nest steps.

6. During the 5 steps problems can happen, and in this case a popup or roll down window should appear, the helps the user fix the problem. This windows should get the solution to fix the problems from the platform, because it depends on the users number and mobile devices.

To summarize, we need a web application that is an install wizard to help users install programs on their mobile devices. We have a platform infrastructure today that handles SMS and J2ME programs. This platform has all necessary information in XML format (can be changes to other format if needed) that should be displayed in the web application, but the information depends on the users mobile number and mobile device.

In order to develop the web application you need skills in either Flash or HTML, Javascript & Ajax. Further more you need to have some design flair, because the web application should look nice and be user friendly.

We expect to pay around 2000$ for the web application.

Any further question can be answered via mail vn ad inshare dot dk or Mobile +45 20274211 or Skype: vagn_nielsen

Evner: Adobe Flash, Javascript, Web Design

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