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532346 Flash photo capture with Flickr upload and Tweet


I'm looking to create an automated script that will take a photo with my webcam (in Flash) then upload that photo to Flickr and post a new Tweet about the photo that has been uploaded.

The trigger for Flash to capture a photo will be when I enter 8 digits into an entry field. These 8 digits are a unique ID (there will be many 8 digit codes). Once the 8th digit has been entered - Flash will capture the image from the webcam. Once captured, Flash will be ready for the next 8 digit ID; in the background, the following actions will also happen.

Once the code has been entered, the photo will be taken and the ID will be checked against a database table. Within the DB, each ID will have additional information - for example a person's name, and a Twitter username.

The photo will be uploaded to a Flickr album and given a name and description using pre-defined text, and also their Name / Twitter username from the database. The image will also be tagged with pre-defined tags.

Once the image has been uploaded to Flickr, the script will create a new Tweet on our Twitter account that will link to the Flickr image, and also display the Twitter username related to the ID that has been entered.

I am happy for you to use script libraries and pre-made items in order to complete this work.

I suggest using phpFlickr for the image upload as this will then require just a few lines of code to upload an image [url removed, login to view]

I also suggest using jpegcam to capture the image via webcam [url removed, login to view]

With jpegcam you can have an HTML form field for the ID to be entered into. Once the ID has been entered into this field, jQuery can then automatically trigger the capture button which will save the image onto the server. Once the image has been saved, the filename can be passed to the phpflickr script with the details from the DB about the ID - then the image can be uploaded. All that is then left to do, is send a Tweet.

I have someone who is able to do this for me, but they are busy until the middle of the week, so I am looking for someone to complete the work this weekend.

Please message via PMB if you are unsure of anything.


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