AS3/Flash/Javascript experienced Developer for Bug-Fixing

To summarize:

We are searching for a Project a Developer who has really good experiences in AS3 and Javascript who should know how swfadress is working together with Flash and who can do some Bug-fixing.

We need to fix some Bugs in some AS3-Flash-Files in Combination with SWFAdress ([url removed, login to view]).

The Project could be finalized by developing a workaround or fixing the Bugs directly itself.

The Project should be solved very fast!

The detailed Description:

We bought an AS3/Flash/Javascript-Template which is containing some strange Bugs.

Here is the Example for the Project: [url removed, login to view]

Maybe you can not read the following Parts correctly, because they are containing some German Chars. I include in the ZIP also a Textfile which is containing this in German Chars.

These are the Bugs to be fixed, (try each example with the link above):

The Browser-Arrow-Navigation does not work if you use the included Module called "external SWF" (for loading an own SWF). Only for the other Modules (for example "Video Gallery", "Gallery", "Content", eg.) which are also included are working good. But for us it is important to load external SWF-Files also!

The error is, that you can Navigate always with you "next"- and "last"-Browser-Navigation-Buttons and the Content will change correctly like on a normal Website. If you click under "Media Modules" the Subpage "External SWF" or on some Links under "TEST", "LINK TO SUBPAGE1" or "LINK TO SUBPAGE2", then this is not working anymore. Those links all have in common, that they all use the "EXTERNALSWF"-Module. If you click then again on one Page with one of the other Modules, it is working again correctly. It seem to be that this is depending on the AS-Functions inside the Template called "destroyComplete() function" and "loadPage() function" which is the main function to load pages, this function is not calling sometimes when the ExternalSWF is loaded. (In Code arround Line 2226).

Naming Conventions of URLs are wrong. You can check this by clicking on "TEST" and then on "German Umlaute: äöüÄÖÜ". If you use Firefox, you can see there German Chars ("Umlauts" like "ä" "ö" "ü"). I included a Text-File which is containing the Chars and their ASCII Codes. If you use Chrome or IE you can see them written as encoded Version. Because it is hard to spell such URLs it should be changed to a more common way. They Page-Names should be still used for the Title of each Page in Original Way, but for the URL they should be changed from a incompatible way (like ö ä ü ß) to a internationalized way (like oe ae ue ss).

Again: URL should not look like .../German_Umlaute:_%C3%B6%C3%A4%C3%BC%C3%96%C3%84%C3%9C%C3%9F or like .../German_Umlaute:_öäüÖÄÜß it should look like .../German_Umlaute:_oeaeueOEAEUESS while Title-Tag is looking like "German_Umlaute:_öäüÖÄÜß"

The Linking of the First "Headline"-Buttons of the Menu does not work correctly. They should call a SWF-File for example directly what does not work correctly, yet. You can see this at the Menu if you look at "LINK TO SUBPAGE1" and "LINK TO SUBPAGE2" and "CONTACT". On "LINK TO SUBPAGE1" and "CONTACT" it is working like it should, because those Buttons do not contain a Submenue. On "LINK TO SUBPAGE2" it does not work correctly, because it is only able to call an URL, but not a SWF like the other Menus directly. Also the colorizing of the Menu does not work correctly if you click on "LINK TO SUBPAGE2". The behavior of the "Headline"-Buttons should be the same like on the Submenue-Buttons: they should be able to load any Module also.

The Bottom Line (Links to Social Networks) should not be called twice at first load of Page.

A click on the Logo should load the Page "HOME" what does not work always.

If needed I can send you a Link where you can download the Sources to give it a check!

- You should be sure that you are able to fix those Bugs before you bid!!! -

If you need further information don´t hesitate to contact me.

Evner: Actionscript, Adobe Flash, Javascript

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