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Mozilla PDF Viewer JavaScript modifications

The project consists in a modification of the standard open source Mozilla [url removed, login to view] library for our needs.

Have a look at [url removed, login to view] for more explanation about this open source PDF viewer.




The aim is to add a dynamic input panel (form) in the middle of the screen, while displaying thumbs on the left and the PDF on the right, to allow users to enter manually information about the displayed scanned document (for invoices, expense report or paper forms)

Fields can be filled using the keyboard, Copy&paste or by drag&drop of text selected in the right part of the PDF visible document.

This is only the very first part of a much larger development if this first step.

We are looking for real experts in JavaScript development to adapt the standard [url removed, login to view] library with following needs:

-> Add a login window requesting company, username and password from the user

-> Call a web service using Company/login/password idenfication, get the first PDF file to handle, and it's type as a result (or the message "No PDF avaliable")

-> User login and password information must be crypted for web service logon on our Saas Server; a Token will be given back for all consecutive requests.

-> Get the PDF file using a HTTP Get from our online SaaS server and display it into the [url removed, login to view] viewer

-> Get the "XML definition file" associated with current document type using a HTTP Get from our online SaaS server.

-> Call a Web service to get the "XML default value file" associated with current document -> (already existing values for current document to be displayed in the edit fields)

-> Display the input field panel in the middle of the screen, containing a dynamically defined list of labels, edits, checkboxes, combo lists objects defined in the "XML definition file", filled with the default values.

-> Add 4 buttons at the bottom of the input panel for page navigation and input validation. Allow TAB switching for input zone cursor movement with TAB key, so the user never has to use the mouse to fill the editors, checkboxes, combos etc. and finally selects the Net/Previous/Cancel/Validate buttons.

-> Allow user to input information in the input panel, then use the "Validate" button to send the "XML resulting data file" back to the SaaS server using Web Service call and get next file to handle.

Other features to be implemented in the modified [url removed, login to view] library :

-> Information in the upper menu bar must be adapted, correspondingly to the provided screen copy: standard buttons removed, page managed on the left side, and current statistics displayed in the middle other panel.

-> Disable vertical PDF Scrollbar on the right of the screen and only keep positioning on page "X", using the left thumbnails or the page selection in the upper menu

-> Disable PDF zoom options and force a predefined scale from the XML definition file (traditional +, - and scale buttons should disappear in the upper menu bar)

Payment will be released following these explicit milestones

-> 20% when the first beta working version is delivered with all required functions.

-> 20% when the commented sources are tested on our own development servers on IE9+10+11, Chrome 24 and Firefox 18

-> 20% when the complete documentation of the product, the sources and the usage have been delivered

-> 20% after 2 weeks of internal test if the product works fine without noticed bugs or memory leaks

-> 20% after 2 months and real customer implementation

Requested delay: 30 days after final complete written specifications have been delivered to the Freelancer

Communication: skype, email, Gtalk.


Read complete details in attached text file and a screen copy example of the resulting editor.


Evner: AJAX, HMLT5, Javascript, jQuery / Prototype, PDF

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