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Java7 2d game, topdown rpg. (school assignment)

I need some help with my school assignment,

going to hand it in to my teacher after the holidays.

If you have made any java 2d games before, please show portfolio or game in PM.

That will help you get assigned to the project.

==> Will pay extra if I get grade A! <==

================= Project =================

Java Game Project

[*] Programmed in Java 1.7 (recommend developed in Eclipse).

[*] Window Mode, 800x600 32bit.

[*] Double buffered.

[*] Tiles, character, monsters is 32x32 size.

[*] Tiled based map, loaded from a txt file, example: 1,2,4,1,1,1,2,3,4 ..

1 = grass tile

2 = sand tile

3 = plate tile

4 = stone tile

[*] Player cant walk over stone tiles (collision detect).

[*] Move character with keyboard (W) up, (S) down, (A) left, (D) right.

When character move, the character position change, example:

character starts at 0,0 - then walks up so the new position is 1,0.

World/Map should NOT move, it is the character that moves around in the tile map!

[*] Character is always in center of screen (camera following character).

[*] Character picture rotates depending on walking direction.

[*] Monster picture rotates facing character if character is near or attacking.

[*] Left Click with mouse on a monster to select it as a target.

Green circle should display on the selected monster.

[*] Character is able to attack selected monster by pressing (key 1).

Character can only attack if the selected monster is within a distance, example: 10.

[*] Character and monsters have health that decrease when attacked.

If character is dead start again at position 0,0.

If a monster is dead, spawn again after 30 seconds at random position x,x.

[*] Diffrent monsters with diffrent health/attack etc, example:

monster_crab health: 10 attack: 1

monster_crab_ice health: 6 attack: 3

[*] Left click with mouse somewhere on the screen and the character walks to that position.

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