Eclipse plugin

Eclipse plugin for working and editing XML files.

This plugin can be based on any other GPL or LGPL and can be re-distribuited under this license.

The plugin will:

1) edit XML files, somewhat like existing Eclipse XML editor's do

2) validate XML files using a XSD Schema (or something else you may think is better)

The differences from standard XML plugins are:

a) The XSD Schema must be extended with other rules, which don't exist in XSD. The rules are:

a.1) any property or child can be validated according to the value of any other element in the XML file, like:

In this example accepted_values="describe users;", defines that the validator must call an SQL "describe users;" which returns all the fields in users table, and must match the value in this element/property with a value returned from the database server.

In this example validation="process.action=insert or process.action=update" validates the element/property if in the XML file the value matches:


a.2) call an URL providing the working file as parameter, like:

http://localhost/[url removed, login to view][filename]

a.3) call an URL proving the whole file as POST and retrieving the result content

a.4) call an URL providing a few parameters which will return a file


database: mydb

table: users

--> POST this data

<-- retrieve the result and generate an XML file

a.5) each project must have a connection to a database, which will be used for some conditions. This can be MySQL, MSSQL or any other JDBC supported RDBMS.

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