Java Algorithm and Structure Exercise

I am having this school homework in JAVA which is very important for my passing grade. My budget is maximal 30$ for this project, so please don't overbid.

The amount of work is very low and I think for an experienced developer in JAVA will be very easy to complete it. The deadline is 18 January 2013.

Below are the details of the exercises.

Exercise 1 : Edgelist and Adjacency matrix

Implement an undirected, weighted graph using an edge list. The nodes of the graph are defined by the interface MyVertex and the graph itself is defined by the class Graph.

(**The following classes and interface needs to be used)

public interface MyVertex {

// Delivers a string representation of the nodes

public String toString();


public class Graph {

// Generating a new Graph with maximal maxVertices nodes

public Graph(int maxVertices) { … }

// Gives the number of the inserted nodes back

public int getNumberOfVertices() { … }

// Gives the size of Array getNumVertices() with all inserted nodes back

public MyVertex[] getVertices() { … }

// Insert a new node v in the graph and delivers its index in the array node

// Null elements are not allowed (IllegalArgumentException) and IndexOutOfBoundsException are thrown in this case

// Overstepping the allowed maximal nodes, will be ignored

public int insertVertex(MyVertex v)

throws IllegalArgumentException, IndexOutOfBoundsException { … }

// Delivers the weight of the edge between the Indexes v1 and v2, when they are existing

// everything else -1. In case of an unknown node index an IllegalArgumentException will be thrown

public int getEdgeWeight(int v1, int v2) throws IllegalArgumentException { … }

// Insert an undirected edge with a weight between the nodes with indexes v1

// and v2. The method delivers false when the edge already exist, otherwise true.

// In the case of an unknown node index will an IllegalArgumentException thrown

public boolean insertEdge (int v1, int v2, int weight)

throws IllegalArgumentException { … }

//Delivers and NxN Adjancency matrix for this graph, where N = getNumVertices().

// The matrix receives the weight of the edge (>=0).

public int[][] getAdjacencyMatrix() { … }

// Delivers an Array of nodes which are adjacent to the nodes with the index v

// If the node index v is unknown an IllegalArgumentException is thrown

public MyVertex[] getAdjacentVertices(int v)

throws IllegalArgumentException { … }


Exercise 2 : DFS

Extend the class graph to a DFS (Depth First Search) algorithm, as well as the following public methods, which use the DFS. It can be verified whether the graph is connected (isConnected), and how many components it consist (getNumerOfComponents) and whether it cycles (isCyclic).

// Delivers true when the Graph is connected, otherwise false.

public boolean isConnected() { … }

// Gives the number of the graph components back

public int getNumberOfComponents() { … }

// Gives the nodes of all components (a line for each component)

public void printComponents() { … }

// Delivers true when the graph is cyclic, otherwise false

public boolean isCyclic() { … }

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