Really Basic Tech Support System

MUST USE BLUEJ, as screenshots are required.


Hi this is a really really minor project, and must be done within the next three hours. I will be paying $30.00 in full if it is completed.

These are the requirements.

Tech support system – String processing and object


This project represents a technical support system which should provide helpful

answers to its users' questions. It also includes some speech synthesis capabilities to make things

more interesting.


1. Download the tech support project

2. Download the speech synthesis libraries from

3. Add the speech synthesis libraries to BlueJ from the preferences window. You will need to

add 3 libraries: [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and jsapi.jar.

4. Now open the tech-support project from BlueJ and try running the main method on the

SpeechTest. If it does not work, you may need to run it from outside of BlueJ with a

command like this:

java -cp .;path\to\the\[url removed, login to view] SpeechTest

This should make the machine speak to you. If not, the speech libraries are not installed


5. Back in BlueJ, compile and then instantiate the SupportSystem class. Call its start() method

and ask a some questions. How does the program respond? Which class is being used to

generate the responses? How does it generate the responses? Can you change the response?

6. Now you will try to improve the system by giving it a variety of responses. It will select a

random response and send this back to the user.

1. Add an instance variable to the Responder class of type String[] .

2. In the constructor of the Responder class, initialise this array and store several responses

in it. (e.g. “The system is broken today, sorry”)

3. Change the method on the Responder class that responds to user questions so that it

chooses a random String from the array and sends this back to the user. Use the

randomInt method seen in previous projects to generate a random array index

7. Now you should implement some code that makes the answer retrieval more useful. In the

answer choosing method:

1. Split the user's question into several words using the split method on the String class.

2. Check each available answer for words in the question. Choose the first one that


3. Can you add a function to ignore common words such as a, and and the?

8. Challenge

Experiment with the speech synthesis API. Can you work out how to change the voice?

Look at the SpeechTest class. Can you change the voice depending on the answer? For

example, if the system returns a complex, long answer, use a slower voice; if the system

returns a simple, short answer, use a fast voice.


You are to add some extra features to the tech-support project.

Basic requirements

1. Implement a main method so that the system can be run from the command line.

This should run the tech support system, which should start by prompting the user to ask a


2. Implement a swear word detector.

This checks if the user has typed in a swear word. If so, the system should tell them to

improve their language.

3. Change the system so that the answers are read in from an external text file.

This should use the Scanner class or other means to read in an array of answers from a data

file. The data file should have a different answer on each line. You might base this on the

group assignment program code.


Write a user guide, explaining how to install and use the software

1000 words, with screenshots, very basic commentry.


Evner: Java, Javascript

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