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Simple J2ME Demo

Problem statement.

This project is to create a simple demo that simulates the way user interacts with local business object on mobile Google map.

There’s a map image (png) displayed on a mobile phone. There are 5 dots on top of the image. A user is allowed to navigate among the 5 dots on the image using the key 1. Each dot will be highlighted when it is on focused. A small pop up box will be created to overlay on the existing image. If the user press the key 1 again, a new box and bigger box will be created and display more details overlay on the existing image. When the user presses the key 1 again, the box will be disappeared.

How to test,

Step 1. A Midlet is initialized, a vector of 5 objects is created with random screen positions, a png image is located; each object contains 3 fields, (name, address, phone number).

Step 2. When the Midlet becomes visible, the graphic method is overridden, the png image is drew on the screen, and 5 circles are also drew at their screen positions for the 5 objects created in Step 1. See figure 1.

Step 3, When the user press the key 1, the 1st object is high lighted, a small pop up box is created and displays the name of the object. The positions of this pop up box needs to be properly calculated so it looks nicely overlaid on top of the image. See figure 2.

Step 4a. When the user presses the key 1 again, the new, almost, (say 70%) full screen box is created and display full information for the objects, see figure 3.

Step 4b, when the user presses the key 9, the next object is highlighted, as described in step 3.

Code should use standard MIDP2.0 library only. Needs to work on the J2ME simulator as well as an actual phone.

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