I have a bot for Y!

which is called Y! Pm Bot

A programmer made for me and I also have the source code

But the bot keeps getting an error such as like:- NETWORK ERROR

Which I know is due to IP address because Yahoo keeps banning it after few minutes ...

SO now I need someone to make it work for longer period and may be few modifications as well ..but may be

I need someone to pull up something that I can Put Proxies into the Bot and then it can keep running while roration of proxies after several seconds while bot is running

REMEMBER :- The bot loads lots of Bot Id's and users and also message though i dont need any change in them...but just giving u an Idea of my bot ..

Anyway I m open to any Ideas that can keep my bot running till whenever I want ...with proxies

and yes the bot have proxy server in it ..but I dont know How to use it??

Anyway give me your ideas and I will give $$ for your time



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