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Small Android app: Retrieve URL; send audio


I am looking for someone, who is able to write a small Android application for me and shows me how to change the code, compile and install it. (Yes I am able to program, but have never written something for Android.)

What I want from you:

- Program an application which reads input from a keyboard, requests a special URL from a webserver (containing the read input), receive the answer (very small text), pick up some prerecorded audio messages depending on the string you receive and send this audio message to a connected bluetooth headset or a connected headset.

- Tell me how I compile/change your code and how to install it on my Android cellphone. (It should be able to run on all Android 2.1 systems and also on Android with small screens!)

- It doesn't need to have a very nice looking interface, but the interface should be understandable! It should just do the requirements and must be bug free.

Still interested? Then read this:

The environment:

Because I will change your code and will compile your code by myself I need your help to setup my Fedora 13 machine for doing this.

(Yes I did some very small projects in Eclipse some time ago)

So tell me what I need to do (or tell me a good site with a CORRECT description; so I will ask you, if that doesn't work) to develop, compile and install an Android application

The program:

- At program startup it asks where to send the audio messages (bluetooth or speaker) to and if I want logging on or off

- It waits for input from the keyboard (in my special case I have a SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro) and sometimes I want to use the attached keyboard.

- After reading/receiving 5 keystrokes, the read input is sent to a webserver. (Beware: There is no clicking at 'OK' or pressing 'Return'!)

The program connects to "http://<A_WEBSERVER_I_WILL_TELL_YOU>/send?p=<HARDCODED_PASSORD>&s=<the read keyboard strokes>" and waits for the answer.

- It reads the answer.

The answer can have two status codes: 200 or 400

In both cases a string is received. (withput the quotes) e.g.

"go to the right"


"The password is wrong"

- For every possible word there will be a prerecorded audio file which the program looks up and sends to the audio device.

You have to tell me in which exact format these files have to be there for optimal transportation... (And where they have to lie on the SD card.)

e.g if the ending/format is 'wav': then for the first example, pickup the files "[url removed, login to view]", "[url removed, login to view]", "[url removed, login to view]", and "[url removed, login to view]" and

for the second example, pickup "[url removed, login to view]", "[url removed, login to view]", "[url removed, login to view]", "[url removed, login to view]" and send them with a short pause between the words to the audio device.

Be sure to match it EXACTLY (case sensitive)! "[url removed, login to view]" and "[url removed, login to view]" are different strings and files!!

- Read the next keystrokes!

- If logging is on a log file is written, with the information:

<TIME>read key:

<TIME>read key:


<TIME>connect http://<AWEBSERVERIWILLTELLYOU>/send?p=<HARDCODEDPASSORD>&s=<the five strokes>

<TIME>receive code: xxx received text:

<TIME>start send audio

<TIME>end audio

- Tell me how I am able to transfer the log file onto my PC!

- There must be a way to cleanup the log file!

- If logging is on or off:

I am always able to see the last 50 lines of the log (scrollable) on the display

- There has to be a way to quit/exit the program!

(The 'After reading/receiving 5 keystrokes' is a lie: The length depends on the actual keys pressed. This is the part I will program. You will program it with the 5 keystrokes!)

The code has to be modular and has to be commented! And I mean this!! Don't write just one long function/spaghetti code!

E.g. there must be a 'standalone'-function like 'sendTextToAudioDevice(char *string)' which does what the name expect, so I am able to use that function in different places (e.g. if I receive a keystroke I am be able to send this keycode to the audio device!)

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