Scheduler - JSF component

STable JSF Component


1. The JSF component should render a data table.

2. The structure of STable contains:

· Header (may exists or not)

· Footer (may exists or not)

· Left side (may exists or not)

· Right side (may exists or not)

· Data cells (exists at least 1 row , 1 column)

3. The component should allow style attribute for each section of the table: header, footer, left side, right side and data cells;

4. Header requires a data source for its content;

5. Footer requires a data source for its content;

6. Left side values and right side values may belong to a data source (the same as data cells or not) - a row may contain left side value, cells data, right side value;

7. The number of row and cols depends of the data source of the table;

8. A data cell may have several states.

9. A cell state is defined by attributes:

· X – column index (Integer)

· Y – row index (Integer)

· State (Integer)

· Text (String)

· Background color (String RGB)

· Text color (String RGB)

· Read only (Boolean)

10. It must be a sequence (order) of states according to state attribute.

11. A cell gets the next state (in the sequence) when user clicks that cell only if that cell is not read only (see attributes).

12. When the page submits, the data cells states will be updated on server side;

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