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I am looking for a developer with experience developing iPhone applications to build me an app that will run on both Apple iPhones and the forthcoming iPad when it launches. PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ EVERYTHING HERE BEFORE BIDDING. Please do NOT bid based on length of detail provided, this makes the project EASIER not harder, and don't assume it is huge just because I am explaining things properly.

Developer Requirements

- Fluent English

- Available for at least 2 hours every day between 1700 and 2300 GMT on Skype for conversations where necessary

- Be available for a chat on Skype (around 20 minutes) if I think you are a viable bidder, to make sure you understand and can do the project

- Experience building iPhone apps. Proof required, ideally names of actual apps that are currently live in the App Store

Project Requirements, given in terms of user experience for clarity

- Application is opened

- App loads quickly, certainly not taking longer than 3 seconds on a 3GS / 4 seconds on a 3G

- Main App screen should consist of a custom background, with logo at the top, and three custom rectangular buttons (not default iPhone style but based on picture files designed for the app)

- When buttons are pressed, they highlight. When they are tapped they launch the relevant screen (see below)

- If they tap on the FIRST BUTTON: screen opens displaying a scrolling list of further buttons (perhaps around 10) representing different topics for notes. If they press these they highlight, and if they tap them they launch a particular page of text / diagrams / pictures and display it on the screen. This should show on the screen with no other clutter, unless they put their finger on it, when the following things should appear: arrows, to go back or forward between the different pages of notes for that topic; a button to go back to the scrolling buttons and select another topic.

- If they tap on the SECOND BUTTON: screen opens with the same scrolling buttons representing the various topics that behave in the same way as the ones on the section, except now they each launch a multiple choice quiz for the topic selected. This simply consists of 10 questions. Most of the screen will be used to show a box containing the question (stored in the same way as the notes are) which has been randomly selected from 30 on the device for that topic. Above the box, there should be a 'back' button in the top left (so the user can go back to the list of topics - always confirm they want to leave the test with a popup box though). Below this box there should be four buttons labelled 'A' 'B' 'C' and 'D. The system knows which one is the correct answer for this question as it is stored with the question. If they tap the incorrect letter a red cross appears in front of that button and it is no longer selectable. The user can then choose another letter. This continues until they choose the correct letter, in which case it is highlighted in green. After 1 second the next question should appear. After they have done 10 questions there should be a screen showing the number out of 10 they got right with the first answer. Below this there should be a button to go back to the list of topics. The screen should also show the average score out of 10 excluding this attempt they have got so far for this topic (rounded to the nearest 0.5 and should show N/A if this is the first time).

- If they tap on the THIRD BUTTON: 'about' screen opens with some text / maybe pictures detailing copyright and info about app etc

iPad compatibility

- The app needs to run on iPads.

- It should look good in full-screen mode. This means: use of high-res / vector graphics to avoid pixellation etc.


- I would like to use the basic app framework to create more than one app. It should be possible to change: screen backgrounds, app logo, app name, button pictures, notes to be loaded, questions to be loaded, 'about' screen all relatively easily with brief instructions provided.

Further guidance

- I realise this is quite complicated and I have tried to explain it as well as I can

- If you are a serious contender, we will have a conversation (see developer requirements above)

- I will supply things like sketches of layouts, but you will be responsible for all artwork

- Timeframe should be weeks, not months. I'm flexible though.

Bidding rules

- Please bid sensibly

- Please ensure you PM me as well with a meaningful comment about you and your bid. Include the phrase 'I have read the project instructions for this iPhone / iPad app and can meet the requirements outlined'. BIDS WITHOUT THIS EXACT PHRASE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. No Bots.

Thanks all. Any questions, please ask.

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