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We would like to create a iPad app for drawing simple 2D floor plans for existing buildings. The typical task will be going into an existing building, sketch one room at the time, adjust the room dimensions based on the measures taken on site, add doors, windows and fixed furnitures as bathtubs, toilets, sinks.

Detailed description of features:

- interface very simple, intuitive. Nothing fancy. SOmething similar to PadCad (see link at the end of the page) would do it.

- set/modify thickness of walls. Ability to change the thickness of each wall separately.

- walls are shown with two parallel lines. Ability to show also inside of wall thickness with solid color different from background.

- ability to lock single objects to prevent accidental modifications

- ability to lock links between objects: if the end of a wall is linked to the end of another wall, changing one of the two will change accordingly the other

- ability to lock dimensions. Once a dimension is drawn between two significant point of one or few objects it can be locked so changes to one of the object force changes to the linked object accordingly

- automatically join the walls ends.

- snap to orthogonal directions

- snap to significant points like wall end, mid point, center of circle, …

- option to choose face of wall or center line of wall for all commands

- add text to drawings. Ability to create a few text styles (same font but different size). Each text object can be assigned a different text style.

- a single block for each category of door, window, toilet, sink, bathtub, … will suffice as long as they are easily resizable (enter default one then resize accordingly to measures on field)

- blocks as doors and windows, when inserted, snap to the wall and to thickness of wall.

- blocks for doors will show the open door at 90 degrees. Ability to switch door opening to either side and clockwise or counterclockwise.

- blocks for windows do not need to show the open window

- blocks as bathtubs, sinks, toilets snap to face of wall (ability to rotate such objects)

- export to dxf (CAD) and pdf via email. When exporting to dxf and importing into Autocad, layers system will be imported as well.

- feet/inches and decimal units with ability to enter either feet-inches or inches or meters or centimeters. Once project is started in one of the units system it can not be changed to the other one

- app recognizes significan points nearby and snaps to orthogonal alignments of such points

- draw linear and circular walls

- draw simple geometric figures (line, circle, square, rectangle)

- copy and paste objects on same page or different page of same project

Additional features not necessary but a plus

- layers system (10 layers would suffice) with ability to set different colors for each layer (objects on layer will have color of layer)

See also attached documents and links below.

Video of something very similar to what we need but on a iPad.

[url removed, login to view]

Link to an app that does something similar but a number of features are missing, some are difficult to use, and some don't work at all.

[url removed, login to view]

Thank you.

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