Innovative Slogan

Name of the company: DEVELOPMENT

Mean Words which describe Developemnt: "Developping Innovative Concepts" (any field).

Development’s Needs:


Please, keep in mind that the slogan would have only 3 seconds to make people understand the activity of Development.

It has to attract and make people to be an Innovative Idea Provider, or willing to become a Customer who are seduced by the innovative concept.

has a high Standard & Ethic, Trustworthy, Expertise and Leader in its field Worldwide. Therefore, it has to be efficient in its message.

2) Description of 's activities:

Development’s goal is to become the leader in the INNOVATION field.

Plus, Development will be developing a marketing concept in the pharmaceutical area.

Definition of Innovation:

The introduction of something new (new idea, method or device).

Development’s Activities:

Innovative Product & Service Development Worldwide,

Innovative Concept & Design,


& more…

à "From Market research to design and from manufacture to placement”.

I - First Hat of Development:

- Designing, developing and launching its own medical product (will be

Patented pretty soon)

- Features: anti-germs, anti-particles, anti-stress, anti-pollution, …

- Target: Mass marketing product.

- Profile of the users: kids, teens, adults and elderly people.

- Worldwide market.

-Clients: Governments, Military, Air Planes, Pharmacies, Big Distribution Channels (ie King Fisher Group), Hospitals, Doctors (GP’s & Specialists)…

+Patent & trademark its own product line + its brand name

II - Second Hat of

Developping Others Innovative Products, Services or Concepts

Target: People and companies with Innovative Ideas. They have an idea but don’t know how to make it happen, does!

To make a long story short, if someone has a great idea for an innovative product but doesn't know how to develop it, Development is the perfect match for this type of business opportunity.

Development will do market surveys to see if the product would have a potential market share. If so, will design, build the concept, create the packaging, manufacture, launch and develop and place the product (worldwide if so).

Means, Development will take care of the whole process: "From Market research to design and from manufacture to placement”.

And of course, the person who had the idea will get royalties.

III – 3rd Hat

In 2007 - Bringing an Innovative Medical Marketing Concept to the US

Concept: Campaigns to prevent from certain type of dieses, Information about specific drugs and dieses…

Target: Laboratories, Associations (Non profit organizations), governments…

Partners: Doctors (GP’s & Specialists), hospitals, governments


For the whole activity of Development


-People with great innovative ideas, products or services

-Companies with innovative products (any type of field)






Distribution Channels

Pharmaceutical companies

& more…

Current Projects:

- Promote Innovative Product Line in the US & Overseas

- Paten Innovative Medical Product (mass-marketing product)

- Trademark Development’s product line

- Extend the business of a European Medical Marketing Company to the US


International Business Lawyer

International Accountants

Financial Consultants

PR Agencies

Graphic Design Agency + Packaging



Chemical, Bio-medical, Fabric & Nanotechnology Engineers


GP’s & Specialists

Venture Capitalists

Laboratories for testing

Victoria's Background:

8 years as a Director of Business Development in the Pharmaceutical Field

- Negotiated Market Contracts with CEO’s & Presidents of laboratories – Negotiated the outsourcing of Medical Rep Networks (700 Reps) in order to promote the client’s drugs to GP’s, Specialists, Hospitals, & Pharmacies.

- Marketing Campaigns in medical areas

Business Plan for Development’s Team in a frame of 5 years:

10-12 full time people

150 Outsourced Reps in the US

60 Outsourced Reps in France

15 Outsourced Reps in Europe

30 Outsourced Reps in Asia

60 Outsourced Merchandisers

Job Opportunities:


Chemical Engineer or Chemical Engineer Students, Biomedical Engineer, Fabric Engineer






My goal is to make of this company a leader in the Innovation field.

development will be recognized for its best and innovative concept.

1) development will get product, concept or idea from companies or people who don't know how to make an idea a “successful story”. will take care of the whole process [market surveys (to see if the product or service answers to consumers' needs), concept, design, manufacture, launching, and development worldwide].

2) On the other hand, is developing its own medical product line (which will be patented pretty soon).

3) will be the One to launch an Innovative Medical Marketing Concept into the US as well…

Hope that was helpful!

Thanks for your time,


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