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Import to MySQL database

We have a lot of .csv and .xml-files in a folder.

We need a Web Page (php/asp/aspx)like this:

1. Select one of the files from the folder (dropdown)

2. Select a post from master table in the MySQL database (dropdown)

3. On press of submit-button: Read the contents of the .csv or .xml into details table in the MySQL database. If the master id is already in the details table: show question to user if allow to overwrite. If yes: first delete the old posts, then insert the new posts for that master id.

The structure in the MySQL database(already in use):

Master table


Id (PK)


Details table


Id (PK)

Master Id (FK)

Field1 from file

Field2 from file

Field3 from file

(totally 7-10 fields)

This is the very first project. If we are satisfied with the quality of the work we will have plenty of more projects for you.


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