Children's book illustration

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

By Bryant Oden

Song on YouTube: [url removed, login to view]

BOOK FORMAT: Singing Picture Book

1. Hardcover

2. Push-Button on front cover

3. Two 3-volt replaceable batteries and compartment, speaker and electronics embedded in front cover

4. ½ CD case embedded in back cover

5. CD with 6-9 Songdrops songs inside back cover CD case

6. Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 10.5 x 0.8 inches

7. Page Count: 32 pages

8. Weight: 1.2 pounds

9. Reading level: Ages 2-6

ARTISTIC STYLE (I’m open to suggestions and recommendations)

1. Realistic settings, detailed illustrations, anthropomorphous animals (give human characteristics, but keep them looking like animals as much as possible)

2. Medium: to be determined

3. I like the artwork of Elizabeth O. Dulemba. You can see examples of her style at [url removed, login to view]

4. This is a good illustration style for the animals: [url removed, login to view]


1. This story is about a father stuck at home with the kids while the mother is out running errands and grocery shopping. The father is supposed to be out golfing with his buddies, but he can’t because he is stuck with his three children: two boys and a baby girl.

2. Start in the front of the house and then move progressively through the house, into the yard, back into the house, up the stairs, into bedrooms and the bathroom, then back to the living room.

3. Scenes (11 different views):

a. View of Living Room looking and Kitchen (X 2)

b. View from Kitchen looking into Living Room (X 2)

c. General View of Front of House

d. Front Door and Front of House

e. Backyard viewed from Side Yard

f. Bird’s Eye view of Backyard looking toward back of House (X 2)

g. Bottom of Stairs, Stairs, and second floor landing

h. Master Bedroom

i. Hallway/Upstairs Landing

j. Boys’ and Girl’s Bedroom

k. Bathroom

4. Ends with the mother arriving back home. She stands in the doorway, her arms full of groceries, and an exasperated look on her face when he sees the mess. The father is wiped out. There are no animals, just three small children causing all the havoc. The father gets a feeling for what the mother goes through everyday.

5. The animals must have human characteristics, thereby equating the animals with the kids.

6. Characters (5 Adults, 3 Children, 22 anthropomorphous animals)

a. Dad: Wearing golf clothes. He has wavy dirty blond hair, blue eyes. Wants to go play golf, but is stuck at home with his three kids.

b. Mom: Pretty, brown hair, green eyes—maybe give her a more ethnic look (brownish skin, maybe Spanish or Italian looking)

c. 6 Year-Old Boy: Hairdo: wavy hair that sticks up in the front, parts in the middle and comes down on the sides like a wave of hair (will work well on the parrot, prairie dog, etc.). Maybe he also wears glasses to differentiate him from his brother. Dirty blond hair, gray-blue eyes (similarities to Dad).

i. Animals: parrot, prairie dog, bullfrog, aardvark, emu, platypus, hippopotamus, (assimilate all the children’s looks into the representative animals).

d. 4 Year-Old Boy: Hairdo: short, spiky hair. Has dimples. Brown hair, green eyes (similarities to Mom).

i. Animals: dog, fish, fly, hedgehog, lemur, meerkat, zebra, otter, lion cub.

e. 18-Month Girl: Has pink bow in hair, wears a diaper. Blonde hair, bright blue eyes.

i. Animals: fish, turtle, koala bear, monkey, cheetah, elephant.

f. Golf Buddies: Two guys; one black, one white.

g. Cable Guy: Giraffe.

7. Front Cover:

a. Window of house, many of the animals mentioned in the book peeking their heads out. Dad is in the background lying on the couch tied up with a dog leash .


I’m just lying here on the sofa.

The cat’s staring at me like, “Buddy, move over.”

Spread #1-2: Living Room with Kitchen View. Perhaps can see the edge of a stairwell going upstairs. Clean house. Man has hair combed, well groomed, in golf clothes (polo shirt tucked into funny shorts or something) lying on couch. Golf clubs/bag is resting against wall in background. Cat sitting on back of sofa looking at the man. There is a fish bowl with two fish in it sitting on the counter next to the refrigerator. There should be an informal snapshot picture (family posing in front of a Zoo) of a happy family somewhere in the room, Dad, Mom, 6-year old boy, 4-year-old boy, 18-month-old baby girl. Clock on wall shows 1:35

The dog is wagging his tail and barking.

Pulling on my hand to take him to the park and…

Spread #3-4: Living Room. The angle is slightly different showing more of the clean house and maybe a larger formal family portrait above the mantle or something. The man is climbing off the couch, leash in hand, man’s arm stretched toward door where dog (4-year-old) is pulling on other end of leash. Clock shows 1:44

The fish are splashing. They want some food.

The parrot’s yelling at the ferret. Most of it is rude.

Spread #5-6: View from the kitchen looking out into the living room. The fish bowl is on the counter next to the fridge. One fish with pink bow on head (baby-girl) has its head out of the water with fins up in the air as if saying something. A second fish (4-year-old) has positioned its bottom fins against the top section of the freezer, with its “arm” fins trying to pull open the bottom fridge section of the refrigerator. There are a few kid drawings of animals stuck to the fridge with magnets (only animals mentioned in the book). Back in the living room the man is now wrapped up in the dog leash, tied up from the dog running in circles around him. His clothes are in a minor state of disarray, shirt un-tucked and wrinkled, maybe one golf shoe is untied. You can now view the TV where the parrot has a video game controller in its wings and is yelling at the video game he is playing on the TV. The video game has a ferret as the game character, maybe battling other animals or something. The ferret character is losing which is why the parrot is yelling at it. Clock shows 2:04

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon. I feel like snoozing.

I get the feeling I’m supposed to be somewhere soon. Dude, I’m not moving.

Seems like everybody’s wanting something from me.

Can’t I just lie here and do nothing? Please, I need some Z’s.

Spread #7-8: View is of the front of the house. The front of the house is immaculate and well manicured. Through the large front window (same front window as will be used for the Cover of the book) you can see Dad lying tied up on the couch. One golf shoe is missing, big toe sticking through hole in sock. The end of the leash has been chewed off, and the dog is chewing on the golf shoe (4-year-old boy). The fridge is open and in disarray, food spilling everywhere, baby bottles knocked over. Outside at the front of the house are two men dressed in golf clothes. One is ringing the doorbell while the other is trying to peek through the windows that frame the front door. A convertible car is in the driveway with golf bags sticking out the back seat. The side door on the right-hand side of the house is ajar with a hedgehog (4-year-old) and prairie dog (6-year-old) sticking their heads out of the door looking to see if the coast is clear. Clock shows 2:30

The frog is croaking. He wants a fly.

And Myrtle the turtle has something in her eye.

Spread #9-10: Front Door with view of front of house that allows for a peek of the backyard. Dad is standing at the front door trying to explain to his buddies why he can’t go play golf. He is cradling a crying turtle wearing a diaper and pink bow on head (baby girl). He is half untied, the dog leash still wrapped around his lower legs. A bullfrog (6-year-old) is in there somewhere watching a big fly (4-year-old). Clock shows 2:38

The bunny is ticking the mouse.

The hedgehog and prairie dog are digging up the house.

The Koala bear is pulling on my hair.

The giraffe ate half the roof and doesn’t care.

Spread #11-12: Outside view of back of the home, but looking at it from the right-hand side yard. Dad is standing at a new window from the back of the house, all untied. Koala bear is sitting on his shoulders, with pink bow in hair and diaper on, pulling on Dad’s frazzled hair. Dad is looking up at the corner of the roof where the cable connects to the house. A giraffe, wearing a baseball cap (with hint of words “Giraffe Cable Repair”), is munching on the corner of the rooftop (really the cable repair man up a ladder fixing the cable). The hedgehog (4-year-old) and prairie dog (6-year-old) are digging tunnels/holes through the backyard. The backyard is populated with other toys, swing set, bunny-shaped sandbox with a laughing mouse-squeeze-toy inside the sandbox (along with other small toys half buried). Sundial shows 2:43

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon. I feel like snoozing.

I get the feeling I’m supposed to be somewhere soon. Dude, I’m not moving.

Seems like everybody’s wanting something. How much can I take?

Can’t I just like here and do nothing? Man, I need a break.

Spread #13-14: Bird’s Eye View looking into the backyard and the back of the house. Dad is rounding up all the animals and chasing them into the house (koala bear in diaper is first one in the house, followed by hedgehog, prairie dog). The convertible car with Dad’s two buddies in it is driving away down the street. Maybe can see a hint of the cable repairman’s van. The backyard is now a disaster with holes and tunnels all over and the giraffe still chomping on the roof. Sundial shows 2:45

The monkey is vacuuming the walls.

The lemur and the aardvark are dancing through the halls.

Spread #15-16: Back in the house. The monkey (baby girl) is busy vacuuming the walls and sucking up pictures and drapes. Meanwhile, a dirty lemur (4-year-old) is at the top of the stairs swinging on a hallway chandelier into a bedroom at the end of the landing. A dirt-covered aardvark (6-year-old) is going up the stairs jamming on a guitar hero guitar that has the unplugged cord dragging behind him down the stairs. (Footprints of dirt coming in from the outside door lead to the aardvark and lemur, the shape of the muddy footprints changing as they turn from one animal into another). Upstairs wall has individual pictures of each of the three children hanging up on it. Clock shows 2:49

The emu is trying to do a tune on my didgeridoo.

The meerkat is laughing at the kangaroo rat that’s jumping on the kangaroo.

Spread #17-18: Master bedroom scene. The emu (6-year-old boy) is trying to play the didgeridoo (again, muddy footprints change shapes as animals change). The guitar hero guitar has been abandoned on the ground. The meerkat (4-year-old-boy), has a TV remote in hand, jumping on the king-sized bed (which is now wrinkled and beginning to get messed up, and has dirt smudges all over it) and is watching a cartoon on the dad’s flat-screen TV on the wall opposite the bed. The cartoon shows a small kangaroo rat jumping on the belly of a large kangaroo, which is why the meerkat is jumping on the bed in imitation. Besides the mess the animals are making, the room is clean and well organized, like an adult’s master bedroom. Picture of husband and wife in their wedding clothes somewhere in this room. Maybe Dad is just sticking his head into the bedroom door with shock on his face. DVD player above TV shows 2:55

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Spread #19-20: Dad is outside his bedroom in the upstairs hallway, with different dirty animals under each arm heading down the hallway. He is now dirty as well. In the middle of the upstairs hallway is a bathroom. Master bedroom is on the left-hand side. The hall ends on the right-hand side at two bedroom doors next to each other. Monkey (girl) is asleep in Dad’s arms. Dirty meerkat (4-year-old) is sitting on Dad’s foot as he drags him along. Dirty emu (6-year-old) is on the left-hand side of the page walking sadly several paces behind Dad looking down at the mud on the ground. Again, wall has individual pictures of each of the kids hanging up on it.

The platypus is mad because

the cheetah and the zebra are sleeping right where he was.

Spread #21-22: Looking in from the hallway into two bedrooms. The left-hand page is the girl’s bedroom and the right hand page is the boy’s bedroom. Girl’s room has crib, dolls and stuffed animals (only girl-represented animals that are in this song, i.e. turtle, koala bear, monkey, elephant), and baby girl stuff. Boy’s room has bunk beds, boy colors, toys, and stuffed animals (again, only boy-animals from the song, though you don’t have to put all of them). Dad is standing in the hallway between the two bedroom doors. He is completely disheveled now, and still dirty. The cheetah (baby girl) and zebra (4-year-old) are asleep on the upper bunk bed. The platypus (6-year-old) is pointing at the top bunk with one hand, and pointing at himself with the other as if he is saying that the top bunk is his bed. Digital clock in bedroom shows 3:20.

The hippopotamus could use some fresh water.

The bubble bath is too cold for the otter.

Spread #23-24: Bathroom Scene. The hippo (6-year-old) is mostly hidden by a huge mound of bubbles as he sits in one end of the tub, his eyes and face sticking out of the bubbles. The otter (4-year-old) is standing on the edge of the tub with his foot in the water, and he is shivering. Maybe have mirror in bathroom to give this page more depth. On right-hand side of the page Dad just beginning to walk into the picture with his arms outstretched holding a baby elephant (baby girl) with a stinky diaper. Bathroom clock shows 4:30

The lion cub piddled on the rug.

It’s looking like the elephant has another stomach bug.

Spread #25-26: Same Bathroom Scene. Lion cub (4-year-old) is naked with towel around his feet. He is facing the toilet, with back to reader, and there is now a yellow puddle at the base of the toilet on the toilet rug. Perhaps in the mirror the lion has an “uh oh” look on his face. Dad is standing at the edge of the bath tub filled with bubbles holding a baby elephant (baby girl) over the tub. Elephant wears a saggy, browning, stinky dirty diaper. Dad’s face is turned away from diaper with a look of disgust. On right-hand side of page is the hippo (6-year-old) walking down the hall with a towel around his waist, leaving hippo feet puddles of water on the wooden floor. Bathroom clock shows 4:53

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon. I feel like snoozing.

I get the feeling I’m supposed to be somewhere soon. Dude, I’m not moving.

Seems like everybody’s wanting something. And I can’t get away.

Can’t I just lie here and do nothing? Disappear for just one day.

Spread #27-28: Living Room and Kitchen Scene (spread 1-2): this scene is the same as the very first scene. But now everything is a complete mess. Dirt, food, and toys are scattered around, and many of the animal that were mentioned in the book are all crowded into this room (Alternative, only have the last three animals: hippo—6-year-old, lion cub—4-year-old, elephant—baby girl). Dad is lying on the sofa a complete mess. Clock shows 5:09

I’m just lying here on the sofa.

The cat’s staring at me like, “Buddy, move over.”

Spread #29-30: Living Room and Kitchen Scene (spread #3-4): Final scene shows the wife standing in the doorway, arms full of groceries or shopping bags, the house a disaster, the husband lying exhausted on the couch, the cat looking at him disdainfully. Instead of animals, three children are tearing through the house—the girl in a diaper and “Princess” t-shirt, the two boys dressed in animal print pajamas. All the animals that were mentioned throughout the book should be somewhere in this scene. For example, stuffed animals, images on pajamas, book covers, chew toy, kid drawings of animals on the refrigerator, etc. Clock shows 5:31

The End

Spread #31-32: Bird’s eye view of the backyard (same as spread #11-12). The backyard is a mess, holes all over; just the same as spread #11-12, except this time the giraffe is really a cable repair man wearing a baseball cap that says “Giraffe Cable Repair.” The roof has not been eaten up, but shingles have been removed to attach cable stuff. Perhaps the cable guy’s ladder leaning against the house is painted yellow on the sides and silver metal for the rungs. Reader can now see the man’s repair van out on the street with name and logo:

“Giraffe Cable Repair”

“We Stick Our Necks Out So You Don’t Have To”

The van is painted in giraffe colors and spots.


1. Cover (front, back and spine)

a. Spot UV Layer

b. Embossing Layer

2. Title page (left and right page)

3. Biography page

4. Character Bio Page

5. Front and back paste-down pages

6. Front and back free-endpaper (opposite paste-down pages)

7. CD label

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