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Redesign large hierarchical html form through styling

We need to modernize a web form with minimal impact on the Html generated on the server-side, that is mainly through CSS styling.



This project is the first part of a series of collaborations in web design we need regarding the development of an Intranet web application. That application is being developed with the DNN content management system, with commercial and custom extensions.

Those needs will include:

* Tuning the DNN theme for the web site

* Designing Html templates for commercial modules including some of the EasyDNN suite.

* Providing templates for a custom search engine module based on the [login to view URL] projet.

* Styling a complex custom form, which constitutes this first step.

Designer profile requirements


• As a web-designer or front-end developer, you have a very good command of modern responsive Html, and particularly modern CSS styling.

• You are UX proficient, i.e. your designs are concept and user-experience aligned.

• You have a good knowledge of Bootstrap / MDB / other UI Frameworks

• You can work under technical constraints: you will provide original solutions when possible and you will make it clear when some constraints are off-limit.

• (Optional) You have past experiences with the DNN Content Management System or other kinds of ASP.Net web applications.

All details are provided in the attached PDF file. Please read it carefully because our need is quite specific.

After reviewing the existing proposals, most of which are very generic, and discussing with some of the submitters, here are a couple more guidelines for proposals.
I will make my decision within 24 hours based on the revised proposals.

First make sure that your proposal is specifically targeted to our needs. Any generic proposal will get discarded regardless of the submitter's ratings and reputation.
Then you need to detail the work you will be committing to do as part of your proposal and update your quote accordingly. The agreed scope will directly translate into the project milestones for the sake of clarity.

In order to provide those details you will need to :

* Go through the form with your UX designer and decide what components you are willing to style. Some of them are global to the form (tabs, labels, inner forms, sections, accordions, breadcrumbs, buttons etc.), some others are specific to the objects properties and you need to browse at least several parts of the form to get a complete picture of what they are (Textboxes with validators, checkboxes, dropdownlists, calendars, file pickers, rich text editors etc.). For each component that you commit to style, if possible choose how you will proceed (use a MDB component etc.). If you deem the new design possible through CSS styling only, then fine. Otherwise take note that html changes are required.

* Concerning required html changes, if you do not have ASP.Net capabilities, then simply report them, and I will have to decide if we can commit to implement them or not. If you do, and you are willing to include them in your proposals, please double check that with your ASP.Net expert and revise your quote accordingly. By the end of the pdf is included a link to the source file for the ASP.Net form generator. Simply ask me for the control corresponding to any part of the form and I will direct you to the corresponding class.

OK here's a wrap up of the current status. Well first, there were a lot of discussions with many submitters, some of whom have requested more time to fine tune their proposal, so I won't take my decision until next Wednesday.

Then as examples, here are some of the changes that were proposed :

- most of the submitters have proposed to work around the hierarchical boxing to remove the induced margin, some of them have proposed nested modals to account for the hierarchy and replace accordions' drill-down post-backs.
- some of them have commited to make the tabs prettier and more responsive,
- some of them have commited to replace amongst checkboxes those used for visibility by material switches easier to identify their active nature,
- some have proposed to replace date pickers with MDB date pickers,
- some have proposed to include masks in Textboxes, provided we can workout the html modifications, others have proposed to replace labels with placeholders, others to include MDB input groups, others icon prefix, others to use popovers for inline-help,
- some have proposed to customize numerical textboxes,
- tooltips and breadcrumbs also have been proposed for replacement by the equivalent MDB components.
- Selects have been proposed for MDB styling, others have proposed to use MDB dropdowns instead
- There was a suggestion to change the file picker to the MDB one, but it is tightly integrated with DNN, so we can't commit to that change, and it will be styled through css instead.
- There were various suggestions about how to deal with sections, accordions, and font-awesome buttons.

Now this brings the question on how to implement those on the existing system. As I detailed, the html is generated server side, and the amount of work we can commit to upgrade it is limited.
- Some submitters have proposed to take care of updating the ASP.Net controls based on the source code I provided at the end of the pdf, which is fine.
- Some other will simply list their needs, and the list will be reviewed before setting up the agreed scope and milestone.
- Other have proposed as a workaround to use js to update the html to their needs client-side. This is perfectly fine, and will allow us more time to update the form builder to incorporate those changes into the html directly.

So my requirements hold: please produce a concise list of the changes you propose, and as far as updating Html is concerned, state which of the 3 options above you consider.

Evner: Bootstrap, CSS, Grafisk Design, HTML, Web Design

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