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Finish Corporate Branding

Qredo needs a reboot of its corporate branding.

More on Qredo below and the deliverables.

Qredo Tagline: Delivering trust to the distributed digital world

Qredo is the company behind:

Qredocoin, a new, soon to be launched cryptocurrency and distributed ledger platform built on verified digital identities to ensure every transaction fits into strictest privacy, AML, and KYC regulatory environments.

Qredocoin's cryptocurrency unit of value is called Qredos.

What does our business/product do?

Qredo sells software as a service platform and distributes supported, tested and documented versions of the open source Qredocoin software, white-labeled mobile wallets, and hardware security modules (HSMs) to store transaction keys.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are telecom operators like BT, Verizon and Deutsche Telekom.

Our customers use Qredo's hardware and software to roll out pervasive mobile payment applications to their millions of individual and business customers, enabling B2B, B2C and peer to peer across their networks while Qredo ensures interoperability across mobile network providers.

Why do our prospects and customers want to buy from us?

Qredo’s cryptocurrency, software, and hardware are built with the telecoms industry in mind. Our software integrates into a telecom’s billing system and infrastructure so that a telecom can offer financial services to their end customers. Qredo enables these telecoms to use their networks as commerce enablers, taking a percentage of each transaction, the same as Mastercard and Visa have done in a pre-mobile internet era.

By partnering with Qredo telecoms get key a turnkey banking platform as a service that can be quickly rolled out under their brand to grow their top line revenues dramatically.

The deliverables we seek:

1. Primary logo marks and word marks (in high res and standard shapes) for:

a. Qredo (the company) / with and without tagline

- Note that we have already developed a logo for Qredo, but would like it polished up from the original design. Please see the attached file for the raw company logo we would like progress to the finished stage. Not much needs to be done on this logo other than getting to a final state with high res graphics.

b. Qredocoin (the cryptocurrency) - this should be a symbol much in the way Bitcoin has its own symbol but should be different from the Qredo (company) logo

c. Qredeo Vault - iOS and Android SDKs that handle the secure exchange of Qredocoin and verified identity attributes. This should be a product symbol that works off the Qredo company logo.

d. Qredo MDL - Mutual distributed ledger for telecom payment settlement, audit, and compliance. This should be a product symbol that works off the Qredo company logo.

2. A secondary logo mark and/or wordmark for all four above – This should be designed to be used in place of the primary logo, like on a t-shirt, hat, or pencil.

3. Social media graphics – e.g. avatar, Facebook cover photo/profile picture, etc., for Qredo company logo and Qredocoin logo

4. Favicon for Qredo logo and Qredocoin logo

5. A simple color palette – This should feature 1-3 primary colors and 2-3 secondary colors (Black and white count).

6. Fonts (we prefer Lato and Montserrat)

7. Some sort of texture – This can be a complex pattern or a simple color overlay that you put on top of photography

8. Branding Guidelines – A style guide for using the logos, color palette and fonts and texture

11. Brochure Concept & Layout for Qredo (the company)

12. Powerpoint presentation template for Qredo (the company) in 16X4

13. Business Card Template for Qredo (the company)

14. Letterhead / Stationery Layout for Qredo (the company)

We need an extremely fast turnaround on the powerpoint presentation template.

IMPORTANT: To ensure we hit timelines, please focus on the powerpoint presentation template and then everything else after.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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