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This email is sent to all Studio20 designers. This is a new assignment as of 08/17/06. Please review the assignment details and needed files noted below. Once you have looked over the assignment in detail and are confident that you can complete it according to the instructions and time frame below go ahead and email me back to claim that assignment. Do not start on this assignment until you have been told that you can start. This is to ensure that we do not have 10 designers working on the same exact project at once.

*************************Project Details*************************

Title of project: Create Page 4 of A1 Catalog

nature of work: Graphic Design-Adobe Photoshop

estimated length of assignment: 2 hours

deadline for all work to be completed and uploaded or sent: Today, August 17th, by 6pm PST. This is about 3.5 hours from when this email was sent.

pay for assignment: $24

FTP Info:

domain: [url removed, login to view]

username: ftp40159445-3

password: createpage4

Other Related Files:

[url removed, login to view] you will need the picture of the towels folding out of the golden chest. This file may require some photoshop work to make it work for the catalog. Do your best. It can be done.

[url removed, login to view] you will need the picture of the wizard. You can simply save it off of the webpage.

Detailed Project Instructions:

For this assignment you will be creating a PSD file in photoshop. First open the file that is in the FTP called 4.jpg. This is a scanned image of a catalog page for client. You will need to create a PSD file that is 9.5 inches width by 11 inches tall. The resolution will be 300. The main idea of this assignment is that you will be creating a PSD version of the scanned catalog page that can be fully edited in the future and used for a new print of the catalog. It must look exactly, or as closely as possible, like the scanned page ([url removed, login to view]). Match fonts as closely as you can.

Once the assignment is complete you must upload the psd file, and call it '[url removed, login to view]'. You will also need to upload any fonts that you used on the file. This means that every single font that you use must be uploaded to the 'fonts used' folder. This allows for easy editing in the future.

For an example of another existing PSD catalog page that was created see the FTP file called page2.psd. Take notice of the white border on the page. Also, because the PSD file you're creating must be able to be edited easily in the future the layers need to be very organized to allow for easy editing.

The checklist below will be used for reviewing your submitted project when its complete. Be sure that you double check that everything listed in the checklist, as well as in the details above, is totally complete.

__ PSD File looks exactly, or very very similar, to [url removed, login to view]

__ PSD file is correct size/resolution. (9.5 inches wide X 11 inches tall. 300 resolution)

__ PSD file is in same format as example file ([url removed, login to view]). This means that the file has the white border, etc.

__ File was uploaded to correct directory (same place that [url removed, login to view] is)

__ ALL fonts used in the PSD file have been uploaded to the 'fonts used' folder


Be sure to look over the details above in full before attempting to claim this project. The details above should answer any questions you may have regarding the assignment. Before emailing a question to the project manager please double check that it was not answered in the email. Do not start work on this project until you have claimed the project and been given the OK to start. You will not be paid for the assignment if you start the assignment without receiving the confirmation to start. Also, if you do end up claiming this project and working on it, when the project is completed go over the project details in full once again to ensure that you have followed all instructions.

Projects can be claimed in a number of ways:

1. email and say "I want to claim this project (*Title of project*). I can complete it in full according to the project details. Please give me the confirmation to start". A project manager will then email you back and say either to go ahead and start or that another designer has claimed the project.

2. Use AOL Instant Messenger to send an instant message to the project managers screen name asking for permission to start. This is usually the best means to claim a project since the instant messenger is on most of the day. The project manager will get back to you asap. If they do not answer, continue to send emails/Instant messages.

3. If noted in the project instructions you may call the project manager and request to claim the project. If the project manager wishes to be contacted via phone they will include their phone number in this new assignment email. Otherwise, please contact them via email or instant message.

I look forward to your email back. The first designer to claim the project will get the assignment.

AIM: xxxxxxx


**we are allowed to post contact info because we are a gold member paying monthly to GetAFreelancer.

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