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1) I am hoping we can connect the section you wrote [url removed, login to view] so that we can test it out.

-I still want to be able to directly access [url removed, login to view] and bypass the login for my personal use/testing at this moment

2) Here is most of the detail for the PERMISSIONS feature that i am hoping you can help with

Please review this and let me know if you have any questions

Same background and button color and shapes


Admin and users need to be able to access PERMISSIONS feature

Permissions feature allows admin to control who has permission and what permissions they have for the template

Search by : (Drop-down-hopefully auto-fills based on predefined words below, but the letters can be removed, default search option should be Template Name)

(should be able to accept characteris like * or ? that mean wildcards in the search)

a) Template Name

b) Category

c) Subcategory

d) Users name (gives list of templates based for one user

e) Group name

d) Words in templates (can use boolean AND or OR or ""=exact word/phrasem, mabye you have other suggestions here)

List generated (left justified)

Name (template) Catagorey Subcatagorey Status OCreator Creator

(admin can change the status of the any template)

(admin can clone any template, and then become the Creator or assign a creator to a current user)

Status-please let me know what you think is the best way to change the status

1) Private-only creator and admin can see, open, use, clone and edit.

2) Public-creator, admin and all users can see, open, and use template.

-users can request permission to clone template, and will be granted by either admin or OCreator

3) Private to group -we need to allow a easy way to assign a template to a group.

4) a few other status i think we need but i cannot think of it at this time.

OCreator-user who originally created template.

Creator-user who created or cloned specific template


Admin can clone any template.

-When cloning, the new template needs to be named, which will be by default the original template name and add a number starting with 1, unless you have a better idea

-the new user, now called Creator, or admin, whoever is creating the clone, can modify the name of the template.

-Many users can chose the same name for templates, so what they see is the visible name, however, the software needs to reference it in a longer name that includes the template name and something else like the origination date and the first letter of the creators first and last name

-Modifying a clone of a template will not change the original template at all

User can request cloning of a public template and approval can be granted by OCreator or Admin (or possibly the group admin if they are in a group)

Who becomes CREATOR when user clones a template-user who cloned template.

We need to keep a record of the original creator of template-call them "OCreator"

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