Map drawing for a fantasy MMORPG

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Hi, Bether-Online is a new MMORPG currently in development. We're seeking an artist who can draw a map of the land. Heres a description of the area we need a map drawn of. We'll need to go through a few revisions, and we need to see samples before hand.

The description is as follows

The continent of vitam paramus

The continent of vitam paramus is a vast land, with the Deogeren mountains to the north west, inhabited by the Dwarfs of the dark ore, a force currently in a coalition with the Humans of the North. To the south are the jungles of Ortigin, inhabited by the fierce Orcs, who are daily sending hoards to attack the humans. These Orcs came from the portals which led to the realm of Eternium, a land of utter chaos. The land of the humans is slightly forested, with the small mountains of Icilian to the northwest. To the east is the volcano of Valen . In it dwells the powerful Mage Valen, and his army of undead. He draws his power from the volcano itself. All of the races inhabiting Bether have united constantly, to stop the accursed Valen, but to no avail.. To the far southwest lies the kingdom of elves, who refuse to ally with anyone, they rely heavily on magic, and are in tune with nature. In the middle of the continent is the Lokhem forest, which varies dependent on which direction your headed. To north east, is an ocean. Parts of the human kingdom are also surrounded by ocean.

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