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I am looking for 40 different drawings of ideas for a desktop application icon. Initially I am looking for simple sketches of icon concepts (hand drawn and scanned would be acceptable). My plan is to pick the icon sketches that appeal to me, and then get those images refined so that after several rounds of icon samples I end up with the icon that I will use. This first project is just to gather concept sketches.

## Deliverables

The application that needs an icon is used to calculate the configurations of keys and locks for a building so that the building has one or more master keys (keys that open multiple locks even though those locks have their own unique keys) and cross keys.

A little background on master key systems.

Imagine a building with 4 floors and 20 locked rooms on each floor as well as a janitor closet and a utility closet per floor. (22 locks per floor, 4 floors). Assume each floor is occupied by a separate company, lets call them A, B, C and D.

The list of locks and keys (22) is:

A1, A2, A3, ... A19, A20, AJanitor, AUtility,

B1, B2, B3, ... B19, B20, BJanitor, BUtility,

C1, C2, C3, ... C19, C20, CJanitor, CUtility,

D1, D2, D3, ... D19, D20, DJanitor, DUtility

Each lock gets a unique key that will only open that lock. But, each floor would have a master key that can be used to open any lock on that floor. That gives us four additional keys:





And the buidling owner who rents the building might have a Grand Master Key that will open all the doors on all the floors:


22 locks, 22 + 4 + 1 keys = 27 keys.

This is referred to as a Master Key System.

A cross key master system adds an additional complication:

A cross key master is some doors on different floors also have a master key, for example Janitor closets and the Utility closets. With a janitor cross key master, the janitor could open any janitor closet on any floor with a single key but be unable to use that key to open any other door. In this example we will create a cross key master for the janitor closets and a cross key master for the utility closets:



To help understand this, lets look at the janitor closet lock on floor B. That lock can be opened by the following keys:

BJanitor, BMaster, GrandMaster, JanitorMaster

BJanitor will only open the Janitor closet on floor B and it will not open any other lock. Typically this would be the key given to the person who works at company B that can get access to the supplies in the janitor closet.

BMaster will open any door on floor B and this is typically given to the company president of company B and if there is a cleaning crew that comes in at night, it would be given to the cleaning crew so that they could get into and clean every office on floor B.

GrandMaster will open any lock in the buidling on any floor and the only person to have this key is the building owner.

JanitorMaster will open AJanitor, BJanitor, CJanitor, DJanitor and it typically given to the person who keeps all the janitor closets stocked with supplies.

Creating keys and locks to meet all these requirements is complicated and it is typically done with software.

I am looking for icon ideas for a software application that does these calculations.

Initially, I am looking for simple line drawings, hand sketches would be adequate, that convey the concept of what the software does. Given that I have to use a bunch of words to explain what the software does, there are too many concepts for one icon to convey everything, so right now I'm just looking for ideas.

The following URLs might (or might not) be useful when trying to understand master key systems.

[url removed, login to view](lock)#Master_key

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

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