Fictional short story in Occult / ScyFi setting

Background Story: A girl discover she have the ability of time traveling using the dream world. After 10 years of exploration, the story end with her horrific discovery that most of the human race was destroy in 2127.

As I am a French Canadian, my English isn't good enough to properly put into word the story I have in mind. That's why I need your help!


3 to 5 pages short story mainly written in first person as "letter" sent to a friend. The series of letters were produce over a 10 years period where she was searching the world of dream for answer about her past and her unique ability.

Writting Inspiration:

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The Dream World:

The setting depict the fact that human spirit actually come from the dream world and descend on earth to occupy a physical body. For most spirit, this process of birth (coming from the dream world to the physical plane of existence) and death (going back to the dream work) is very traumatic and most of the memory stored within the physical body is left on the physical plane of existence.

The dream world is timeless and the spirit will reincarnate a body anywhere in the physical timeline. The physical world try to put word on this unconscious knowledge with religion, express sometime as reincarnation or referring to the dream world as the higher plan of existence called "paradise".

Drugs, technology or sometime the owner DNA can actually alter the brain pathway and the ability for a spirit to cross over more than just it's pure essence. Some spirit keep fragment of knowledge from the dream world when taking their physical form. This will display in someone ability to simply feel "Déjà Vu" experience or in more extreme case predict future and know technology (Ex: Leonardo Da Vinci) that didn't belong to that period of time.

During sleep, stronger spirit will recall the Dream World or other life they had. This is more true especially between the age of 0 to 10 where most people have this vivid ability for imagination, creativity and creation,. This will erode slowly over time as the physical world take tool on the body. Other, perceived as "eccentric", will keep a strong connection with the dream world even after the age of 10.

By some unique incident, multiple spirit could take control of a body, generally refer as Possession or Multiple Personality Disorder. The process of exorcise is also very real, which can cast away (temporarily or permanently) a spirit from a body. Some rare case can also control this ability to communicate or provide a temporary host for a spirit from the dream world.

Finally, there are a unique group of people who are completely aware of their current situation and the existence of both world. Some of them joined a secret society, others lived secluded, isolated life, waiting for the cycle to continue.

I won't go much more in detail but you should have enough to "trigger your imagination"

Story overall script:

Year 0 (The transition)

- A girl has memory of her youth where back then she had lengthy dream of a mystical city. (Fragment from the Dream World)

- She also had strong ability to "feel" thing at a different level. Almost like she could predict the future or relive vividly historical event.

- She will eventually die (killed herself) as a mean to go back in the dream world.

Year 1 to 9 (Awakening)

- The girl will research the dream world and evolve to a full awakening state where she will become one of the few spirit with the ability to go to the real world while keeping her full consciousness.

Year 10 (Departure)

- She will finally discover in a part of the timeline a area where most spirit sleep.

- She will perceive this era as a place where human stopped this accelerated way of live and where humanity have come to a peace

- She will finally decide to leave the dream world.


A final and horrific letter come last. Extremely short, written in haste, it actually report the gruesom truth about this part of the timeline: the spirit are sleeping not because the human race is now at peace and stopped living in and accelerated lifestyle but because it is almost extinct; resulting in no more body for the spirit to occupy. As she will now be trapped in this post-apocalyptic world, with less technolgy and ability to cross over back to the dream world, she send a last call for help for anyone else in the timeline who can hear it, so this dramatic event could be prevented. This is actually quite similar to Terminator "John O'Connor" story as he try to warn the past of the judgment day.

The letter are sent in the physical world by her trough the past body she occupy overtime. It's like a personal journal written by a time traveler.

80% of the story will actually be the Year 1 to 9 where the exploration of the dream world give her more answer. All this is a prelude to a more lengthy novel story.


February 25th.

To apply for this job, write the first five line of the story. =) Looking forward to have fun with this literature brainstorm.

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