Friends Adder Bot for Friendster, Hi5, and My Space

I would like a friend adder bot for Friendster, Hi5 and My Space similar to "" with the following features:

1. Add friends from anywhere on a friend's page

2. Add friends from other people's friends, from Groups

3. Add friends based on demographics such as age range, sex, ethnicity, zip code, city, country, music preference, reading preference

4. Bypass image verification process while adding friends

5. Send unlimited friend requests each day

6. Send multiple comments to friends

7. Send event invitations to all friends

8. Send event invitations just to specified friends

9. Send messages to any number of users or friends

10. Blast friends by sending as many bulletins as desired and at specified times

11. Bypass bulletin limits and allow to send the same bulletin over and over again

12. Use with as many accounts as desired (no limits as to the number of accounts it can be used with)

13. Ability to import and export friend ID's from Notepad.

14. Track statistics for all your account profiles


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