Pictures Collage Program

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The Project Name: Pictures Collage Program

OS Platforms: Cross-platform (Windows and Mac), desktop application

Program Language: Adobe Flex with AIR

Deadline: April 15, 2011

General description of what a typical user would do with the application

1. The user starts with a new page (8.5”x11” letter size) in portrait orientation.

2. The user browses the layout template panel and drags over the template he/she wants on to the page.

About the layout templates:

The layout template is a collage of pre-formatted blank picture frames which the user fills up with their images. These frames can be cropped, rotated, resized, duplicated, deleted, and rearranged. The image inside a frame can be replaced by simply dropping another image on top of the frame. Each frame has the following contextual menus –

* Copy* and Paste*

* Rotate: 90 degrees clockwise, 90 degrees counter-clockwise, 180 degrees

* Create border*: Solid line, Dotted line (changeable thickness and color)

* Apply drop-shadow*

* Change Frame Shape*: Round Corners, Oval, Circle, Star

* Add Caption* (file name without the file extension placed below the frame)

* Effects also applicable to multiple selections

- A new layout template can be generated by saving the page as a template.

- The images inside two selected frame can be swapped.

3. The user inserts his/her images into these blank picture frames by a way of drag-and-drop. He/She can

insert the images one at a time or drag multiple images and drop one image at a time into the frame of

his/her choice. When dropped, the image fills up the frame proportionally. The user may also drag and drop

the image outside the frame.

4. Once all the pictures are laid out, the user chooses a background from the background panel. He/She can

try different backgrounds simply by clicking on the background image in the panel.

5. The user adds text, clipart (WMF, JPEG, TIF), etc and finishes the page.


Required Features


The user should be able to import (text, Jpeg and PDF files) and merge the documents of the same program.


TA certain number of fonts should be preinstalled with the program, and if a font that is not part of the program was used, the user should be able to convert it to a graphic element or outline it so it is no longer treated as font.


There should a pages panel where it shows all pages. The order of the pages can be re-arranged by dragging the page icon in the panel. The user should be able to view the pages as a two-page spread.


The background images are the publisher’s properties and can be added or deleted only by the publisher. The user should not be able to save, export, copy, or select the background images on the page as a separate file.


The documents should be saved with an unique file extension, preventing other programs from opening, copying, and importing. The use is only allowed to export the file as a low-res, watermarked PDF for proofing. The watermark should show the date the file was printed. The publisher, on the other hand, should be able to print the document as a press-ready postsript file and as a high-res PDF file.

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