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Shockwave PC/Mac-friendly Multi-Room, Multi-Player Game Programmer Needed

A "Clue Giver" from each team will give the team a clue to a Secret Word. Players have 30 seconds to try to guess the Secret Word from the clue. A correct answer scores points for the team. The Secret Word can be any single word, or even a person or a place. Spelling must match the Secret Word exactly. Secret words will never include characters other than letters A through Z (no numbers or symbols).

Each game consists of three rounds, two regular rounds and one Speed Round. The first two rounds are played in the same way, with higher point values for the second round. Each round consists of two Secret Words. Each word can have a second clue from the Clue Giver if no one on either team guesses the Secret Word from the first clue. In the first two rounds, players have up to two chances to guess at 2 words. If any player of either team is correct on the first guess, that word is over and the game moves on.

The final round is the Speed Round consisting of 3 words and allowing players one chance to guess each of the 3 words. The rules are the same, but players must try and get three words within 60 seconds. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Each team gets the same word and has the same amount to time to decipher it. Teams may chat amongst themselves to discuss or share the answer. The other team cannot see the opposing team's chat. Not all players must agree on the same answer, but the team earns more points for the more correct answers. If everyone on a team guesses the Secret Word correctly the team receives a Clean Sweep bonus of an additional 10 points.

Scoring breakdown:

Round One = 2 words at 10 points each

Round Two = 2 words at 20 points each

Speed Round = 3 words at 10 points each

The number of players on each team is kept balanced by the computer, and teams are reshuffled after every game. Clue Givers are chosen by the computer at random to give everyone a chance to be the Clue Giver.

As the Clue Giver, players are shown the Secret Word, and have 45 seconds to create and submit a clue for their teammates. The clue giver is blocked from chat during this phase.

A rules filter applies to clues. The clue can be no more than 8 characters long (including spaces); can use letters, hyphens "-", and underscores "_", but no other symbols or numbers; the clue can be a word that means the same thing, (like "happy" if the Secret Word is "glad,") or opposites (like "not weak" if the

Secret Word is "strong"), or natural pairs (like "saltand __" for a Secret Word of "pepper"). Foreign words and phonetic spellings are OK as clues as well.

However, using the Secret Word in the clue is not allowed. The clue cannot be (or contain) the Secret Word, and can't use too many of the same letters in the Secret Word either forward or backward. If an illegal clue is submitted, the game warns the player, and they must change it and submit another before time runs out.

The game should allow a word list of as many words as possible from a standard dictionary with the Administrator having the ability to add/delete words as needed. The Secret Words are drawn at random by the computer, preferably going through the full word list before repeating words to clue. The words include common nouns, adjectives, verbs, and other parts of speech, including proper names of people and places. Secret Words are limited to single words, without spaces or punctuation. They are usually the singular root form of the word. All words use the traditional American spelling (e.g., "color" versus "colour").

There is an additional rules filter to prevent Clue Givers from simply giving away the Secret Word in the clue area. The rules are designed to keep clues that are too similar to the Secret Word from being used. Here are the legal clue rules:

- Clues may not be longer than 8 characters long.

- Clues must use only a qwerty (alphabetic) character, space, _ underscore, or - hyphen. Numbers and #?$*@ symbols are not permitted.

- Clues may not include a portion of the Secret Word that are three consecutive letters or longer, OR be the Secret Word with a few letters dropped or substituted. If any three letters match up in order with any four letter segment of the secret word, the clue is illegal and another must be submitted.

(more in-depth game detail provided when bid is accepted)


1) Confidentiality agreement must be signed before work can begin.

2) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

3) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request.

3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased.

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